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StoryChief Updates June 2021: New Image Editor, Smart Image Resizing, ...

StoryChief Updates 1 min read

Last month we introduced you to your new Media Library allowing you to save all your images and videos in one place, and importing media files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and DAM solutions.

Today we have some great new features to optimize and improve your media distribution.

Social Media Smart Image Resizing Tool

Images are a core component of a successful social media strategy. Unfortunately, each social media channel comes with its own image sizing requirements, making it a tedious task to optimize it for each channel. With StoryChief you can now, with a single click, auto-crop your image to the preferred sizes. Resulting in a better workflow and optimal visibility.

Social Media Smart Image Resizing Tool

When needed you can further polish your images inside the new editor containing all preferred image sizes for a given channel.

Hello new Image Editor

At StoryChief, we make improvements so that the moments you spend on creating your content can be even more enjoyable and easier. With that we wanted to go even further by making improvements to our Image editor: Crop and resize, adjust the levels, or get creative with text, filters, and overlays all within StoryChief.

Image Editor

New Summary cards for links

For any URL you want to include in your stories, you can now generate a card with an image and a short description of the content, making it visually stand out and improve click-through rates.

Time to celebrate again!!

StoryChief named leader in Content Marketing