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Lisa Van Impe

Templates: 40 Positive Postcards to Encourage Your Audience and Employees Through Difficult Times

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Life can be tough sometimes. Some of your employees might be having a hard time at home, but sometimes the whole world just ends up going through a COVID-19 outbreak. Anything can happen!

That's why it's important to keep motivating each other. You can do that by organizing fun things with the whole team (even when you're working from home!), set weekly goals with awards or just simply encourage them by throwing some positive words their way.

That's why we created 40 templates filled with positive quotes for you to tweak and share with your employees or colleagues! Shall we take a look?


🖼 Templates incoming!

Happiness, optimism, serenity, and motivation were the words we took to heart when creating these templates.

  1. Download images package
  2. Download Sketch file template
  3. Download fonts

Some might be filled with popping colors while others might take the pastel road to relaxation. Some might be filled with a little humor to get through the day while others will make you want to get moving. Here are some examples of what you'll find:

These are just a few examples of our 40 cards. Now, what can you do with these? Let's brainstorm for a bit!

  • Post these on social media with a personal message
  • Send one to a colleague who could use your encouragement
  • Print them out so you can hang them on your bedroom wa- no? okay...
  • Put your own personal quotes in the template and start tweaking!

🎨 Tweak ahead! Make your own masterpiece.

If you have some messages of your own to share, no worries! You can change the whole template to your own liking.

Quote Templates

When you open the file you will see all the quotes we made. Click on them and start typing your own messages! Only the text will be changed. Of course, you can change the fonts, the colors, the size, ... and just about everything else.

If you're not interested in the quotes but are looking for some nice color palettes to use, we got you covered on that too! We included all the colors we used and put the hex colors with it so it's even easier to use.

Color Palettes

And if you thought that was all... we have one more surprise for you. The font we used is included in the file, all you have to do is install it.

That's it, guys! You're ready to start designing your own happiness cards. Don't forget to show us your results, we'd love to see them.