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10 Proven Tweet Templates to Get Followers

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As a content marketer, you know the power of Twitter for building your brand and driving traffic. But with millions of tweets being sent every minute, how do you ensure your tweets stand out and get noticed?

The answer lies in using proven tweet templates that are designed to engage your audience and drive more clicks, retweets, and followers.

To help our readers get more impressions, likes, retweets and followers, we tested these 12 Twitter templates so you don’t have.

Why You Need Tweet Templates

Before we get started sharing our best tweet templates, let's summarize why having pre-designed tweet formats is so important:

  1. They save you time: With templates on hand, you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to tweet. Just plug in your content and messaging into the proven format.
  2. They are proven to work: These templates are designed specifically to drive more likes, comments, retweets, and clicks from your audience. Using them helps ensure your tweets resonate.
  3. They provide consistency: Templates allow you to maintain a consistent voice and branding across all your tweets. This builds brand recognition over time.
  4. They eliminate writer's block: Stuck on what to tweet about? Just refer to these fill-in-the-blank templates for endless content ideas and fill up your content calendar in minutes.

With all that said, let's explore our 12 highly effective and engaging tweet templates you can use starting today:

1. Drop your website

viral tweet template
Viral tweet template - Source: @illyism
Drop your <website / domain / startup>
I'll send you 1 <tip / idea>
To <benefit for reader>

This is my all-time favorite. It has been tested 5 times and it has resulted in 100+ comments, 400+ followers and 100k+ impressions every single time! It’s extremely powerful, but watch out, you will actually need to respond to people and give them the feedback they’re looking for.

I ran this tweet in November last year, and it brought me enough leads to grow @MagicSpaceSEO from $5k to now $20k MRR.
Source: Tweet template

Here is more proof that this works, from our own team at StoryChief during the pre-launch of our SEO rank tracker on Product Hunt.

From @brik_dm, co-founder at StoryChief

2. Problem - Agitation - Solution

This is a common copywriting formula that works great for Twitter. It’s short, it stands out and excites the user into reading more. Here are some examples:

Companies that blog get 6x more leads
But most brands burn thousands on ads & get nothing.
Smart marketers start with content. Here's how:
Converting website = money generating machine.
But most people struggle to build one that converts.
(Here are 10 ways to increase your conversion rate right now)

Here is why these tweets work:

  • Problem: Content marketing = lead generation machine
  • Agitation: But most brands burn thousands on paid traffic
  • Solution: Always start with "Here is ..."
  • Enemy: "paid traffic"

3. Curiosity-Provoking Question


Want to know the secret to getting 10x more leads from your website? 
Hint: It's not paid ads, social media, or email marketing.
I'll reveal the answer in my next tweet 👇

Why it works:

  • Starts with a question that targets a common pain point
  • Creates curiosity by hinting the answer is unexpected
  • Promises to reveal the answer, causing an open-loop (ovsiankina effect)
  • The downward arrow emoji directs eyes to the replies for the answer

4. Controversial Opinion


Unpopular opinion: Long-form content is dead 💀
The future is short, punchy, scroll-stopping content that hooks your audience instantly.
Agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts 👇

Why it works:

  • Bold statement sparks immediate reaction - agree or disagree
  • Emojis add visual interest and stop the scroll
  • Frames it as an "unpopular opinion" to encourage discussion
  • Asks for others' thoughts, inviting replies and conversation

5. How-to + Video

Record a how-to video in something like Screen Studio and embed the video in the tweet.

6. Viral skills + Explore Topics

Take a look at what’s trending for your niches in the Topics in the Explore section on Twitter. There will be categories and topics. Look and follow the patterns of what is trending now and tweet something similar. Here is an example:

7. Bookmarkable lists

Made a list of tools or software that others can use for their business? Make a long-form tweet and share it. It should get a lot of bookmarks, which count for more than likes for the algorithm.

8. Long-form guide with 4 images

This one is a bit more complex to make. But it helps generate a lot of bookmarks, likes and retweets. It also highlights you as a thought leader and you can easily promote your own products in this way.

9. Which is better?

This one is focused on a Topic (from the Explore section). Call out the people you’re targeting and ask a viral question that people will be dying to answer or comment on.

10. Imagine

Imagine if you could 10x your website's conversion rate without spending a dime on ads 🤔
That's the power of conversion rate optimization (CRO).
Want to learn how? Read our ultimate guide to CRO 👇 [link]

Why it works:

  • Uses the power of imagination to paint a desirable picture
  • Emojis add visual interest and draw the eye
  • Presents a solution to a common pain point
  • Includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) to read the guide


There you have it - 10 proven, engagement-driving tweet templates you can use for your content marketing on Twitter.

By having these templates in your arsenal, you'll be able to consistently create compelling tweets that capture attention and drive results.

Start putting these templates into action today, and watch as your Twitter engagement, brand awareness, and audience growth soar to new heights!

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