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The 5 Best Webflow Apps in 2024

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Since Webflow’s announcement of the next generation of Webflow Apps, over 100 apps have been released for the Webflow ecosystem. Now that we’ve had time to review and choose some of our favorite apps, we wanted to write a post detailing our top Webflow apps of 2024.

Each of our top Webflow Apps of 2024 offer unique features to streamline your workflows and enhance the functionality of your Webflow site:

  • StoryChief - All-in-one content marketing platform for Webflow
  • Jetboost - Enhance the functionality of your Webflow site
  • Memberstack - Unlock Membership Capabilities
  • PromoteKit - Set up an affiliate program with Webflow and Stripe
  • Nocodelytics - Advanced analytics for Webflow

Best Webflow app for content marketing



StoryChief offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify content collaboration, automate SEO optimization, and schedule social media posts.

StoryChief’s Webflow integration was built from the ground up to help you streamline your Webflow content creation and distribution process. By centralizing your content efforts, StoryChief empowers you to maximize engagement and visibility across your website and social channels, ultimately driving traffic and boosting conversions.

Much like how Webflow enables you to collaborate with your whole team on your website, StoryChief has built-in collaboration tools to keep your content organized amongst your team. With real-time collaboration features, file organization, and advanced user permissions, StoryChief is built for teams.

Because StoryChief is an all-in-one platform for content marketing, SEO optimization, and scheduling, you can avoid painful context switching between multiple platforms. Stick to one dashboard for all of your content needs.

Start a free trial or get started with StoryChief on Webflow Apps.

Best Webflow app for dynamic functionality


Jetboost allows teams to enhance the interactivity and functionality of their Webflow site.

In 2024, Jetboost continues to impress with its ease of use and the ability to implement complex features that would typically require extensive custom coding. Jetboost’s Webflow app allows you to implement dynamic features such as filtering, search capabilities, and user-friendly interactions — all without writing a single line of code.

Whether you're designing portfolios, blogs, or e-commerce sites, Jetboost empowers you to create engaging experiences that resonate with your audience and drive user engagement.

Get started with Jetboost on Webflow Apps.

Best Webflow app for membership sites



Memberstack transforms your Webflow website into a dynamic membership platform.

Seamlessly integrate user authentication, registration, and subscription management to offer gated content and personalized experiences. Memberstack's intuitive interface enables you to manage memberships while preserving the integrity of your Webflow design.

Foster deeper connections with your audience through a tailored membership experience with Memberstack.

Get started with Memberstack on Webflow Apps.

Best Webflow app for affiliate marketing



PromoteKit provides the easiest way to set up an affiliate marketing program on top of Webflow and Stripe.

PromoteKit’s Webflow integration offers a no-code setup for starting an affiliate program. Add the PromoteKit affiliate tracking script to any of your sites with one click - no need to copy paste scripts or write any custom code.

With a modern and customizable affiliate portal, you’ll have no problem onboarding affiliates and managing affiliate payouts. PromoteKit supports a range of Stripe integrations for affiliate tracking, including support for both Stripe Checkout and Stripe Payment Links.

Get started with PromoteKit on Webflow Apps or the Stripe App Marketplace.

Best Webflow app for analytics



Nocodelytics enables you to gain valuable insights into your Webflow project. This indispensable tool offers advanced analytics and performance tracking tailored specifically for no-code platforms like Webflow.

From monitoring site traffic to analyzing user behavior, Nocodelytics provides actionable data to optimize your designs and improve overall performance.

Nocodelytics also features direct integrations with other Webflow apps in our list like Jetboost and Memberstack. Track how users interact with your Jetboost real-time search and filters, or analyze how users interact with your Memberstack enabled membership site.

Get started with Nocodelytics on Webflow Apps.

The top Webflow sites use StoryChief for content marketing

The top 5 Webflow apps of 2024 reflect the growing need for tools that enhance creativity and design, streamline workflows, and improve user engagement.

As Webflow continues to evolve, these apps are crucial in empowering users to build more complex, dynamic, and interactive websites efficiently.

No matter which Webflow apps you use, every site can benefit from content marketing.

Start your StoryChief free trial to streamline your Webflow content creation and publishing workflow.

Whether you're a freelance designer, a web development agency, or a business owner, StoryChief can significantly impact your online presence.

We’ve focused on creating the most seamless possible integration with Webflow - try StoryChief now to start saving your content marketing team hours every single week.

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