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B2B Email Templates for Content Agencies

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You’re spending all your time writing emails to follow up with your clients and it’s costing you valuable time that you could spend on creating actual content for them. Let us help you save some time!

In order to experience the benefits of time savings and happier clients, you need to have several key systems in place. These systems can be made up of the tools you use, the processes your team follows, and the templates you rely on. Today we are specifically diving deeper into B2B email templates to optimize your content agency.

Header for B2B Email Templates for Content Agencies
B2B Email Templates for Content Agencies

Reasons for using B2B email templates

  • Turning leads into clients: This will likely include email templates for following up, whether you got a response or not. Using templates will speed up your sales process, and you’ll impress your future clients with your quick responses.
  • Onboarding new clients: A simple email platform could inform clients of their kickoff steps.
  • Speeding up the delivery of audits or introductory offers: For example,
    when someone purchases an audit on your website, they receive an automated email with their next steps and a link to book an audit review call for 7+ days in the future.
  • Saving time: Instead of always having to re-write the emails you’ve already written thousands of times before, you can refer back to your standard templates when sending out common emails.
  • Being more personal: You’re probably asking yourself right now how using B2B email templates can make your communication more personal. Well, because your template is already ready-made, you have more time to plug in your content and a personal touch.
  • Staying consistent: By making use of email templates, you make sure that your brand is built right into your emails. Using the same branding and tone of voice over and over again, your clients will get a better brand experience.

How to store and use email templates

It’s critical that you have a way to store your B2B email templates that makes them easy to use. Without any, you’ll likely get lost in your own chaos.

Save yourself time searching through your outbox and use an email template tool like MailChimp or Yesware.

MailChimp is an email marketing platform, perfect for automated emails and newsletters. That way, you can stay in touch with your clients via email, without spending too much time on it. You can integrate your StoryChief in MailChimp to easily add your newest stories in your emails.

Yesware is a sales productivity platform. You can save your messages on Yesware as templates, so you can use them for future emails. You can share your templates across your entire team. Yesware also makes reports, helping you see which of your templates are the most effective.

SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool to make inside sales teams around the world highly productive. Over 100,000 businesses use SalesHandy to automate and track their email outreach.

You could also store your templates inside of Notion. Notion is a workspace in which you and your team can write your emails and share them with each other. Notion allows you to write, plan, collaborate, and be more organized.

It’s a great idea to distinguish between your frequently used B2B email templates and the ones you rarely need. Keeping your seldom-used emails with the others would just make them sit there as rarely used clutter.

B2B email templates for client communication checklist

Remember that, even if you’re using email templates, your emails shouldn’t feel automated. When you are working hard to build personal relationships with your clients, it’s almost offensive to write them an impersonal email.

But as much as you’d like to write every mail yourself, that is almost never possible. And that is why we created the templates for you. That way, you can save time and reap the benefits of a well-written email.

Want to discover if your email communication is fully optimized? See how you stack up against the checklist we created.

Do you have these templates in use?

You can use B2B email templates for:

  • Following up after a sales call
  • Following up again after no response
  • Sending a proposal
  • Selling an audit or starter offer
  • Closing a new client
  • Onboarding a new client
  • Onboarding follow up
  • Delivering work for clients to review
  • Publishing live content
  • Sending monthly reports

Do you send these emails at least once per year?

Make sure you send an email at least once a year to:

  • Request team member feedback
  • Request client feedback

We created B2B email templates for all of the above, and we’re going to go over a few in this blog. Of course, you can also write ones that fit your unique content services. Just be sure to write something that meets every need.

Email templates

Ready to optimize the speed and efficiency of your content agency? These B2B email templates can help! We’ve included all of our templates in the Content Agency Optimization Toolkit. Be sure to read our guide for all of our templates and tips on utilizing these templates.

Following up after a sales call

When to use this template: After a sales call if you didn’t close the client
on the call, the client needs to talk to partners, is still considering other agencies, etc. Make sure that it’s clear in the email what you’ve talked about in your sales call.

Header for B2B Email Templates for Content Agencies: sales template
Email template for following up after a sales call

Download the template here

Sending a proposal

When to use this template: If you do highly custom work and always send proposals. It’s important to write an email that feels personal to go with your proposal. Just a tip: base your proposal on your client’s business needs.

Header for B2B Email Templates for Content Agencies: proposal
Email template for sending a proposal

Download the template here

Closing a new client

When to use this template: After a new client has signed the contract and/or made their deposit payment, or after a new client has made a direct payment on your sales page for an audit or other introductory offer.

Email template for closing a new client
Email template for closing a new client

Download the template here

Onboarding a new client

When to use this template: This is an alternate version of the B2B email template above. You might use it if you have a more complex onboarding experience and/or if you have a client platform or dashboard where you collaborate with clients.

Email template for onboarding a new client
Email template for onboarding a new client

Download the template here

Want to see all of the email templates we mentioned in our checklist? Make sure to download our Ebook: the Content Agency Optimization Toolkit.

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