Content Marketing with StoryChief: 10 Tips from the Team and Customers

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You know the importance of producing quality content that resonates with your target audience. However, the content creation process can be a daunting task. Especially if you're working with a team or managing multiple channels.

StoryChief is a powerful content marketing tool that allows you to streamline your content marketing process. With so many features and options available, it can be overwhelming to use it to its full potential. That's why we've compiled these 10 tips from both our team and our customers, to help you get the most out of StoryChief!

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10 StoryChief Tips & Tricks

First things first, we created this 5-min to get you familiar with StoryChief. 🚀

1. Centralize your content and workflow in one platform

Gone are the days of emailing Google docs files back and forth, losing track of feedback and missing deadlines. StoryChief brings all blog articles, social posts, email newsletters, and approval flows together in one centralized platform. That will definitely speed up the content game and keep your clients and colleagues happy!

Iprov (agency) went from using different SEO tools and copy-pasting content into their CMS, to collaborating and publishing from one centralized dashboard, saving them heaps of time with allowed them to strategize better for their clients. 🎉

“Our work is more streamlined and centralized thanks to StoryChief. We can manage our podcast content, social posts, and email workflows from one central platform.” - Patrick Laughlin, COO at Iprov

2. Connect any CMS and publish without copy-pasting

StoryChief's blog editor has everything you need to write a complete blog article, embed all types of rich media, and improve SEO and readability. You can configure the metadata and publish without having to go into your CMS. This allows non-technical content creators to publish content hassle-free.

When publishing the story, StoryChief automatically applies your predefined layout and brand identity. This saves your copywriters tons of time and helps you create a consistent brand experience across all channels.

"It is nice that even for people without an IT background, we can work very smoothly with the platform. StoryChief is really user-friendly." Sofie Ternest, Founder at So Yes

3. Start content campaigns and track performance

A content campaign is a collection of different stories, social posts, newsletters and events. Your campaign will be the place where both your colleagues and your clients can follow up on the process, deadlines, performance and evolution. Using the campaign's content calendar is a great way to start creating and planning content to visualize the client’s strategy.

You can apply any filter on your content calendar in order to share only the content that is relevant to a certain campaign or for a certain client.

"Having an overview of our stories and seeing stats immediately in the dashboard helps me to check the performance easily.” - Barbara Goffaerts, Digital Marketer and Content Manager at The Fat Lady

4. Share a content calendar or strategy for approval

A content calendar is essential for planning, organizing, and scheduling your content. With StoryChief, you can easily create an editorial calendar to keep track of your content ideas, publication dates, and distribution channels. This can help you stay organized and ensure that your content is published on time.

By adding all content to the StoryChief calendar, your calendar becomes a visual representation of your strategy. You’ll be able to share this specific calendar with clients and colleagues, so that they can check its status and send feedback as needed.

We have a much smoother collaboration flow with our clients now. There's also a better approval flow, and it's easier to check things off our list so everyone is happier. - Stef Dejonghe, Founder of Ad-fundum

5. Easy and streamlined content collaboration

StoryChief does not only help you create and publish content, but it also improves communication and content collaboration, whether with your internal team or your clients. You assign content briefs, track progress, and give feedback directly within the platform.

“It is very valuable for an agency to find a tool that lets you manage multiple entities from a single place while allowing employees to learn and understand how to use it very effectively.”- Gianni D’Alerta, Co-Founder and CEO at Naka

6. Actionable tips to optimize content for SEO

A good SEO score is key to making sure your article is found and read by as many people as possible. Thanks to StoryChief’s built-in SEO feature, your copywriters don’t need to use other tools to achieve organic success. Enter your keyword and let the StoryChief magic surprise you. You’ll be presented with a number of tips on how to optimize your text to increase your SEO and readability score.

"We used to our copywriting in a very old school way. We used Google Docs, but we noticed that it was not really user-friendly. By using StoryChief, we probably save four hours for every campaign we launch." - Kasper Vancoppenolle, Partner & CMO at WinWinner

7. Multi-channel publishing and content repurposing

No more sharing passwords around. StoryChief makes it easy to distribute your content to multiple channels, including social media, email, and other platforms, from one single platform.

StoryChief also allows you to repurpose your content for different channels and formats. You can easily convert your blog posts into social media posts, email newsletters, and other formats. This can help you maximize the impact of your content and reach a wider audience.

“We call it the one-click wonder. Everything is about a click away.” - Patrick Laughlin, COO at Iprov

8. Encourage employee engagement and reach new audiences

Enable the Ambassadors channel to notify colleagues and ambassadors about the content you just published. The content will be sent out via email, together with buttons to social media platforms, so they can reshare and engage immediately. This will increase your organic traffic, reach and engagement exponentially!

9. Write better and faster with AI copywriting

Content creators and managers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand and pace of publishing high-quality content consistently. They need all the support they can get. Luckily, AI can provide it. StoryChief’s AI offers 15+ writing prompts to help you write website content, blog articles, social media posts, press releases, job descriptions, content briefs, etc.

10. Make data-driven decisions using content analytics

Finally, one of the most important tips for making the most out of StoryChief is to learn from your results. Use the content analytics tools to track your content performance, and use that data to make informed decisions about your content strategy.

Experiment with different types of content, distribution channels, and formats to see what works best for your audience. We walk you through the helpful analytics reports you can generate with StoryChief, in this post.

“StoryChief makes it easy to visualize growth, metrics, and results of your marketing efforts. It’s easy to show the value and ROI of your work to management.” - Joe Spisak, CMO at Soapbox

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