How to Convert More Blog Readers into Loyal Leads Through Popups

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Running an online business involves a complex and thorough process. With various entrepreneurs online, it is a must to level up your marketing strategies.

If not, you will be left behind. Since you are reading this article, it means that you are curious about how to improve your business online. Then, feel free to empower yourself through this guide.

One of the most common online business marketing strategies you shouldn’t miss considering is the so-called blogging. Do you know how blogs work? Are you familiar with the website pop ups?

These web tactics are highly used due to their exceptional contributions in getting lead targets and customers and thereby help in increasing monthly proceeds.

Glimpse in the world of blogging

Blogging is considered the cheapest way for businesses to generate more website traffic, boost inbound advertising efforts and attract potential customers.

Online blog

Studies have shown that 80% of companies that maximize the use of blogging acquired huge numbers of customers per day. To give you some guides, here are the powerful benefits of blogging:

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization - Blogging provides the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing fresh content to index. If you keep on blogging, it is also easy to create opportunities to plug in those significant keywords to boost your visibility on the different pages of search engine results.
  • Build Rapport with Existing and Possible Customers – As a businessman, you need to nurture brand-customer relationships, and one way to do that is to blog. If you opt to do the same, all you have to do is to ask your readers some questions at the end of your posts. This can also create a relationship with your audience, gain valuable insight into your customers’ preferences, and build trust.
  • Connect People to Your Brand – Blogging allows you to show a personal touch or side of your enterprise. This marketing strategy also gives others a sense of your business vision and standards.
  • Generate Leads – Blogs can get emails from interested leads by asking your visitors to subscribe to your posts. All the emails you got can be utilized for advertising purposes to boost touchpoints. The more frequently you can connect with a lead, the more chances of converting them into your customers.

Apart from the above mentioned, blogging also creates opportunities for sharing. With minimal expense and effort, it is easy for you to build credibility, get more leads, entice more customers and generate more income.

Statistics show that approximately 409 million people view more or less 20 billion pages per month. This is an indicator that blogging works wonders in the field of e-commerce.

However, even if blogging offers powerful benefits to online entrepreneurs, not all of them experience its full advantage. The reason behind this unfortunate circumstance is that most of them don’t know how to overcome the different challenges in the world of blogging.

Some of these challenges include finding the perfect niche, producing quality content, building blog traffic, reader engagement, and alike.

Start blogging with pop ups

Getting the full advantage of blogging can be easily achieved, especially if you are familiar with its effective strategies.

Among the different blogging tactics, adding popups is considered the most in-demand and powerful one. Do you know what pop ups are?


Pop ups are the best way of redirecting users to popular posts, keeping your site visitors informed about your sitewide news and many more. These pop ups are also one of the most effective channels to turn your readers into subscribers, leads, and customers.

If you opt to use pop-ups, it is a must to consider these guidelines to limit friction:

  1. Restrict them for mobile – Pop ups suck for mobile, and as a result, you will soon get sanctioned for using them.
  2. Give something valuable – You need an excellent reason to justify interposing users. You can do this by providing valuable information or offers to your site visitors.
  3. Make your pop ups easy to close – Never force your users to click a small “x” to close your website popups. This will annoy your users and eventually prefer not to visit your website.
  4. Be selective – Though you want to use pop-ups, it doesn’t mean that you have to use them on every page. Be selective on where to use your pop ups.
  5. Be relevant – Always ensure that your message is relevant to the website content. If not, your popup will never grab the attention of your site visitors.

Above all, if you want to use pop ups, don’t collect too much information than needed. An email address is more than enough to collect target leads. So, never make things so complicated. Your site visitors might get annoyed, especially when they need to answer a long inquiry form.

Understanding the different types of website popups

The web pop ups come in four distinct types. Each of these types has a unique application based on pop-up triggers and targeting rules. For more details about its types, here they are:

1. Exit-intent popup

This triggers when a visitor desires to leave the page. It lets a visitor browse the website freely, and it appears only when he or she is about to close the tab. The website popup can ask for the site visitor’s email address. Depending on your choice, you can offer your guests some discount coupons or other related stuff.


2. Time-based popup

If your website visitor is inactive for more than one or two minutes, it is the perfect time to remind him about your website. But, if your guest has already changed the tab, there is a huge chance of missing the popup. That is why it is best to combine a time-based popup with a quick “click” sound. Its main purpose is to grab the attention of your site visitors.

3. Scroll-triggered popup

This campaign is often triggered when a site visitor scrolls to a certain point on the webpage. If your site visitors keep on scrolling your website, it means that they are interested in whatever type of products or services you offer.

4. Interaction-based popup

This is usually triggered after your guests visited a certain product or page. It may encourage your guests to scroll more and check out your offered products and services. It may also be used as a “welcome back” poster for any user who previously visited your website.

Remember that pop-ups must be used responsibly and effectively for them to work. If you are still in doubt and don’t know how and where to start, you can use a user-friendly tool like Poptin as your guide.

Exploring how popups help your business

Website pop-ups offer positive effects on your lead conversion, generation, and overall e-commerce performance. Some of its advantages include:

  • Visibility – Pop ups are the first thing your guests will see after visiting your website. Therefore, you have full control over how they will look at your website.

    Pop ups are said to be 50% more powerful and effective than banner ads. Your site visitors can’t ignore your popups as they need to interact with these ads before leaving the page.
  • Increase in conversions – Studies have shown that pop ups are more likely to generate leads and subscribers than regular banner ads. These popups are perfect for boosting your followers and subscriber counts.
  • Custom site popups – You can customize your pop ups easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether you opt to change its designs and contents.
  • Instant customer feedback – With popups, it is easy for you to get feedback from your potential and target customers.

Pop ups to convert your visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales

There are several ways to convert your leads using pop ups. Here are some guides you shouldn’t miss considering:

Appropriate usage of lead magnets

When creating pop ups, you need to think about your possible clients. Always include content on your popups that your site visitors might find interesting for their e-commerce.


The typical examples of these are an exclusive interview with a proficient businessman, a market report, or an eBook. Since your exit-intent pop ups provide value to them, it is easy for you to ask for information about them, like their complete name, email address, and phone number.

Increase newsletter signups with email pop-ups

Start displaying pop-ups that ask for the site guests to input their information. You may include irresistible offers like downloadable content or discounts. You can also add a popup time delay/scroll to let you show your popups to your visitors once they spend a few minutes scrolling your website.

Make an outstanding call to action

Even if you already have the most appealing popups, your visitors will not be your possible leads if you failed to ask them what to do. In your call to action, indicate what your visitors need to do to avail of your offers or explore more of your site.

Set an ideal location for your pop-ups

Since there are several types of pop-ups, you need to know where and how to use each of these types. As advised, you can use slide-ins to make your pop-ups discreet in attracting your target customers.

Make use of the top bars

Placing special promotions gives a lot of value to your visitors. If you are using these top bars, your site guests don’t need to scroll down to see what your offers.

Offer a limited slot to a webinar using event popups

These website pop ups are perfect for inviting site guests. You just need to set an ideal popup trigger such as page trigger, exit-intent popups, and many more.

Use countdown timer

This countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and quick lead conversions. You can try this one as it is proven effective and powerful.

As a bonus tip, see to it that your autoresponders are set perfectly. You are free to use a WordPress chat plugin to improve your customer support. This can give full access to your visitors to answer their queries about your posts.


Online market competition is a huge challenge to every entrepreneur. This is why you need to level up your marketing tactics. With the use of website popups, you are certain that your business will be known by your target customers. Understanding website popups’ types, elements, benefits, and procedures can make a big difference in the world of e-commerce.

Are you excited to build your own brand online? Then, stop worrying about how to market your online business. Don’t just watch others succeed. Instead, learn how to maximize the use of popups and see how they work. Just like other businessmen, you will surely be amazed at its exceptional advantages.

The key to your online business success relies on your hands. Create website popups now and be ready for a huge positive change in your life!

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