written by
Sam Fielding

New Channels and Editor Updates

StoryChief Updates 1 min read

Here at StoryChief we are constantly working on adding new features and channels to make your lives even easier. We are proud to announce the following improvements, available now in your StoryChief account:

🚀Channel updates

📝Editor updates

  • We now have support for nofollow hyperlinks.
  • H4 subheadings are now available.
  • A wide range of podcast options are here. PippaLibsynAnchor FM and Radio Public are now able to be embedded into your stories.
  • We have tweaked the SEO tool to use the latest algorithm (e.g. SEO title length, meta description length).
  • Navigation and other general improvements have been made. You can now click on the 🎥 to view our helpful onboarding videos.

👾Developer updates

  • Importing and exporting stories using our API, take a look here.
  • Using CodePen and CodeSandBox you can embed code into your stories. Just enter the URL into the content embedder!