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[Bundle] 7 resources to help your marketing, sales, and c-level teams during remote work.

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In the midst of this global crisis, there are thousands of new content pieces about remote work. How to keep your productivity high, favorite tools for remote work, how companies should deal with this, ... it's all out there!

Finding a way through that chaos can be challenging. So here's a list of our favorite content pieces.


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1. Template: 40 Positive Postcards

It's important to keep motivating each other. That's why we created 40 templates filled with positive quotes for you to tweak and share with your employees or colleagues! Inside this article, you can find the 40 postcards as well as a sketch file that allows you to play around with the templates. A color palette and free font are also included.

Templates: 40 Positive Postcards to Encourage Your Audience and Employees Through Difficult Times

2. 5 Remote Team-Building Activities

Just like many other companies, we were forced to start working from home overnight. Many of us aren't used to the remote working experience while others are. No one really knew what to expect or how this experience would change the team's interactions, but we dove right into remote team-building activities.

Online campfires to yoga and mental health sessions, read all about it here:

5 Remote Team-Building Activities StoryChief Loved

3. Ebook: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Remote Work

In this free Ebook, we’re walking you through every step of the content marketing process through a remote perspective. And along the way, we’re dropping trips and tricks to help you:

  • Save time
  • Stay sane
  • Hit your goal metrics

Grab your favorite blanket and take a seat on your couch (bye office chair), and let’s get started!

Ebook: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Remote Work.

4. 7 Best Remote Working Tools in 2020

Different work environments, different tools! Twitter has mandated that all global employees work from home. Shopify is giving each of its employees a $1000 stipend to buy whatever they need to ease the transition to remote work, be it a nicer chair or a new desk. We could all use a list of the best remote working tools right now.

7 Best Remote Working Tools During the Coronavirus and Beyond in 2020

5. The Content Team's Guide to Social Media

We made 3 articles that form one big guide to social media. One about Twitter, one about Facebook and one about LinkedIn. All 3 have detailed explanations of how you can make the most of that platform.

Guides to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

6. The Coronavirus Crisis Checklist for Startup CEOs

This article was written by Feliks Eyser and we loved it! This article is all about how the world around us is changing because of the Coronavirus and how we should change our strategies because of it.

It includes a very clear and straight to the point checklist that will definitely make you rethink the strategies you set up at the beginning of the year.

The Coronavirus Crisis Checklist for Startup CEOs

7. The Remote Sales Survival Guide

Close.com has a huge list filled with resources for people who want to make the most out of their sales department during this time. Sales changes when everything turns into remote work and their tips & tricks will help you better your remote sales approach.

At Close, we've not only been running a remote sales company for the past six years, but also helped thousands of sales teams around the world sell remotely.

The Remote Sales Survival Guide

Let us know your favorite content pieces so we could add them to the list. That said, don't forget to bookmark this article and check back for more tips & tricks soon!