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15 Social Media Tools You Might Not Have Tried But Should

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We can all get stuck in a rut sometimes. Doing the same things. Using the same processes and the same social media tools. With ad costs rising on every platform, B2B brands are working harder to get results from social media.

When you use the same tools and strategies, you’ll get the same results. What you focus on grows, and social media deserves your full attention.

We’ve pulled together a list of proven but lesser-known social media tools to help you succeed.

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Categories of social media tools:

Now, let’s check out the tools!

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Social media tools for management

What are social media management tools? These are apps that make it easy to schedule your content ahead of time, so you can log in to your favorite platforms to manage engagement and account growth, but not worry about logging in to post.

Besides scheduling, many of the social media tools in this category have other important features too.

1. PromoRepublic

Social media tools: Promorepublic

With PromoRepublic, you can plan your social media posts across platforms using a weekly or monthly calendar view. There’s also an AI feature that suggests the best times to post. You can recycle your best posts and set up how frequently you want them to repeat.

Learn more about PromoRepublic.

2. StoryChief

Social media tools: StoryChief

StoryChief is a unique social media management tool because it’s social features are part of a content marketing suite. Here’s how it works: use StoryChief to write blog content, publish that blog post to your website in one click, and distribute it to all of your social media channels.

StoryChief is the easiest way to promote your blog posts, podcasts, and other long form content because it integrates with all major platforms. Plus, it makes assigning and reviewing easy too.

Learn more about StoryChief.

Want to compare tools so you can choose the right one? Check out our Social Media Tool Comparison Chart.

3. Loomly

Loomly stores all of your social graphics in a digital asset library to make it easy to re-use them again and again. Team members never have to search through Slack channels or ask each other where files are located. The app also suggests a way to optimize your social media posts, and of course, you can pre-schedule your content as well.

Learn more about Loomly.

4. SocialPilot

Social media tools: Socialpilot

SocialPilot is a robust but easy to use social media scheduling tool. It integrates with all major platforms, includes white-label options, allows for approval workflows with bosses or clients, and provides insightful analytics on social media performance

Learn more about SocialPilot.

5. SocialBee

SocialBee is an easy-to-use social media scheduler that helps users set up different categories of posts and then re-use them. For example, you could have a category of “inspirational quotes” with 100 tweets in it, and set it to post once per week. Then another category could be “marketing tips” with 200 tweets in it, and these get posted twice per week. It cycles through your content indefinitely, until you change the posts or the schedule.

Learn more about SocialBee.

Social media tools for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting

Now let’s take a look at the social media tools for monitoring your content and your audience, analyzing trends and reporting on your success.

6. Vaizle

Social media tools: Vaizle

Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that gives you actionable insights on your social media performance. It provides graphs, charts, metrics, and optimized tips to help you make decisions on what to improve. Use it to identify your top pieces of content and your best-performing hashtags so you can adjust your strategy.

Learn more about Vaizle.

7. Social Animal

While Vaizle helps you analyze your own social media content, Social Animal helps you analyze anyone’s social media content. Use it to identify the top trends and topics that industry influencers and your competitors are talking about.

Learn more about Social Animal.

8. GetSocial

Do you know what “dark social” means? This refers to the private sharing of your links. While it’s easy to track social media posts that share your content, it’s much harder to track when your posts are shared via email and DM.

With GetSocial, you can get real numbers on your most viral posts so you can know what works best and where to divert your advertising spend.

Learn more about GetSocial.

9. SocialBook

Social media tools: SocialBook

SocialBook is a very robust analytics tool that helps you identify influencers, analyze which influencers to partner with, and report on the performance of all your social media campaigns. You can customize reports with the KPIs that matter most to your company.

Learn more about SocialBook.

Want to compare tools so you can choose the right one? Check out our Social Media Tool Comparison Chart.

Social media tools for content creation

Creating social media content can be very time-consuming. Whether you have a professional designer on your team or not, it’s always smart to save time while still creating high-quality content.

Here are some social media tools that assist with content creation.

10. Tyle

With Tyle, you can make slideshow videos that are perfect for Instagram and LinkedIn. Tell your stories, share company announcements, or give helpful tips in a bite-sized, engaging format. If you don’t create this sort of content often, that won’t be a problem. Tyle has a pay-as-you-go plan, as well as monthly pricing for regular users.

Learn more about Tyle.

11. Missinglettr

While AI writing solutions are a long way from crafting compelling blog posts and ebooks, AI is getting pretty good at repurposing content. With Missinglettr, you can turn your blog post into dozens of social media posts. The app will produce short-form posts that you can edit and tweak to perfection.

Learn more about Missinglettr.

12. Stencil

Social media tools: Stencil

While Canva is a popular design tool, Stencil is a lesser-known tool that is even better suited for social media content creation. The app has more attractive templates that work well for B2B brands, as well as a social media, live preview and posting tool that works on both the mobile and web versions.

Learn more about Stencil.

Social media tools for sweepstakes and viral campaign

Want to up your game with social media? Maybe it’s time to try a sweepstake or contest. Check out these tools that will help you manage your viral campaign.

13. Sociamonials

Sociamonials makes viral campaigns easy to run and get results from. You can set up incentivized sharing, contests, and sweepstakes. The app also has an ROI feature, so you can hook up Sociamonials to your website to track the ROI of posts and campaigns.

Learn more about Sociamonials.

14. UpViral

UpViral is a popular tool for growing your email list using the power of social media and incentivized sharing. Here’s how it works: create a freebie and then encourage leads to share the freebie in exchange for another free resources. You can run other types of viral campaigns as well, such as contests and sweepstakes.

Learn more about UpViral.

Social media tools for employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is a smart way to get the most out of all of your content. Employee advocacy is just a fancy way to describe employees sharing your content on their own social media profiles. For B2C brands, getting shares on Facebook and Instagram can be huge wins. While for B2B brands, LinkedIn and Twitter are important channels for employee advocacy.

15. Social Horsepower

Social Horsepower helps you manage your social media as a team. The app serves as a repository for all of your company’s content. This way, posts and bite-sized content are pre-approved for employees to share. They can login and see what content they like and feel is a fit for their audience.

The app also has built-in tools to help you measure employee advocacy so you can be sure that you’re providing content that your team actually wants to use. You can also use it to pre-schedule content for your team, so that posts can go out automatically after employees have approved it for their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Learn more about Social Horsepower

Want to compare tools so you can choose the right one? Check out our Social Media Tool Comparison Chart below ⬇️