64 Social Media Post Ideas To Engage B2B Audiences

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Let’s face it - social media management in 2023 has far more essence in the world than any of us could have imagined. Social media is one of the top organic marketing channels to drive results. But as a B2B company, it can be a struggle to come up with engaging social media post ideas.

No matter who you’re marketing to, you can be sure that your audience is actively hanging out on at least one social media platform. Hence, as a marketing agency, it becomes imperative for you to engage your target audience across social media channels where they are hanging out.

But, if you only post about the services you provide, you’re sure to run out of ideas within the first week (and bore your audience). Fret not, in this blog, we bring you 64 social media post ideas you can leverage instead.

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64 social media post ideas

1. Narrate your brand story

There’s a reason why your business or marketing agency exists, and the world needs to know that. Your brand’s origin and growth story can not just be on a webpage somewhere deep within your website; instead, it should be up and front. Use one of your social media posts to tell the same story.

2. Ask questions to your audience

Believe it or not, people judge others more based on the questions they ask than the answers they provide. To build a deeper rapport with your audience, you need to ask them questions that show you are an expert in your field.

3. Promote your services and offerings

It’s reasonable to expect that investing your time and efforts into social media will bring leads and business your way, and to achieve that, you need to promote your services and offerings. However, you still need to do it smartly. One way to do it is to spread these across a series of posts.

4. Share your in-house processes and workflows

“Don’t show them what you do; show them how.” One way to entice your audience into trying out your services is to intrigue them with what matters to them. Businesses are built on processes, and when you share them with your audience, they see how systematically you work. This will also garner trust within your audience.

Here’s an example of a post about StoryChief’s internal content marketing workflow.

5. Give a bird’s-eye view of your successful case studies

Case studies are a timeless way of building trust and persuading your audience to take action. However, attention spans on social media are diminishing like anything, and people don’t want to get into anything that requires mental effort. When sharing your case studies, give them a bird’s-eye view of your successes.

For instance, you can share a compilation of your top testimonials.

6. Run contests to offer branded goodies a.k.a swag

Think contests are limited to B2C brands? They don’t have to be! As humans, we love free stuff. But when it comes to your swag, ensure it is also cool and of added value to your audience.

7. Space out a series of client testimonials and reviews

There’s something about social media post series doing wonders for brands that nothing sporadic, one-off can achieve. To succeed in this game, you need to think of post-series. One of the most relevant social media post ideas you have to include in your content calendar is sharing client testimonials and reviews.

8. Quiz your audience on relevant topics

Quizzes on social media are a legit hit. As curious beings, it talks to us on a deeper level. Brands that have been able to crack into this fundamental psychological trait have built social media audiences that help their businesses grow manifold.

9. Share relevant (but visually appealing) statistics

Your social media accounts must appeal to your audience on a level they expect. For marketing agencies like yours, you’re dealing with a bunch of intelligent folks driven by industry benchmarks and statistics. But how you present these numbers is the real trick!

10. Put forth your primary research to stir conversations

The whole internet and the majority of social media is made up of people sharing content that someone put effort into. Primary research then becomes a differentiator for savvy brands. Make sure you’re investing some time and effort in creating original content.

11. Ask people to join your newsletter

Do you run a newsletter? Make sure you ask people to join your mailing list through a social media post that highlights the value it has to offer.

12. Quote thought leaders and industry influencers

Your research needs to be your own, but ideas? Most definitely not. This is where you need to leverage influencers and thought leadership content in your industry or vertical to break the scroll every once in a while. Quotes that add value to your audience can go a long way toward encouraging shares.

13. Show the behind-the-scenes of your company

Social media is exactly the place where you can humanize your brand. When you post about the behind-the-scenes of your company, it helps your target audience relate to your brand much better.

14. Repurpose content from all formats (webinars to podcasts)

If this hasn't been said enough, we will repeat it - repurposing content for social media is a powerful tool that brands need to take advantage of. Creating new, original content is not sustainable in the long run, and picking up every trend may not align with your other marketing efforts.

15. Highlight the latest trends within your industry or vertical

To become an influential brand that your target audience associates with expertise, you need to be on top of every latest trend and news. So much so that your audience expects yours to be the last word on any topic. All it needs are consistent efforts, a strong will, deep research, and social listening to catch on to trends.

16. Support a cause your company truly believes in

In 2022, corporate social responsibility is not just a buzzword. If your company believes in a cause and does not make it public, you might lose many followers who keep up with the changing times and support businesses that proactively do.

17. Conduct a social media takeover

Giving someone else control of your social media channels might seem scary, but how it pays off is worth all the anxiety. Recently, social media takeovers have taken social media by storm, and as a marketing agency, you can quickly get on the bandwagon.

18. Introduce your team members to the world

As we mentioned, the more human your brand appears on social media, the better it is for your business. In the end, it's just people you will be dealing with. Another way to humanize your marketing agency's social media presence is to introduce your team members to the world.

19. Incorporate your hashtags

What's social media, if not a giant web of hashtags? Make sure to leverage the use of hashtags to increase your reach on social media.

20. Create bite-sized videos on relevant topics

Videos have taken the world by storm. On social media, even more so. And bite-sized videos, the most. One of the easiest social media post ideas you can use to engage your audience better is to create them on topics that are relevant to them. Given the plethora of DIY tools, your social media team can also put in a manageable amount of time.

21. Turn your FAQs into social posts

FAQs are like icebreakers that get your audience to learn more about you without asking questions. When people see FAQs, they know what other similar folks have been asking about you, which significantly helps them understand how you can add value to them.

22. Promote your company’s culture in creative ways

In line with the idea of giving your marketing agency a human touch, paramount is your company’s culture and how you portray it to your audience. It showcases what makes your team a solid pillar to help clients cross the finish line.

23. Keep your audience updated with industry news

We already discussed sharing industry trends with your audience earlier in this list. But keeping your audience updated with industry news that is relevant and impactful is something that you have to pay close attention to in your social media marketing strategy if you want to build trust and thought leadership.

24. Share quick tips and advice to improve operational processes

As a marketing agency, you pride yourself on having operational excellence. Your target audience either already is or aspires to be. This is your time to shine by sharing tips and advice to help them improve internal processes that move the needle, ship things faster, and more.

25. Include a mix of GIFs in your content

One might argue that GIFs are the new short videos, and we couldn’t agree more. Including GIFs in your social media content mix spices it up if, and only if, you can do it cleverly. Otherwise, there are a ton of social media accounts that are trying too hard and still not hitting it.

26. Share your business growth and other milestones

As your business grows and achieves milestones, share it with your audience to make them feel a part of your growing family. Just make sure to tread lightly and not to come across as boastful.

27. Celebrate notable holidays and significant events

This might sound boilerplate, but you’d be surprised how many brands still miss out on engagement by not doing the bare minimum. Depending on the geographies you are serving, ensure you celebrate notable holidays and major events with your audience.

28. Talk about your company’s events and get-togethers

In today’s world of remote- and hybrid-first workplaces, company off-sites and events have become all the more important to be highlighted to your audience. It lets them know that you are a fun bunch who work hard and enjoy that success even harder.

29. Spread information with clever infographics

If you hear someone say infographics don’t work on social media, it’s coming from someone who hasn’t done it right. Infographics are some of the most effective forms of content that people consider downloading and saving for future reference. Make sure you’re making them informative, educational, and impactful.

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30. Link your audience with valuable resources

The internet is full of educational and valuable content. As a marketing agency, you are expected to be more of a curator of all things great rather than the creator. Using your social media channels to link your audience with valuable resources is one of the best services you can do for them, and arguably one of the easiest social media post ideas.

31. Post new jobs listings at regular intervals

Using social media as a job board for a growing team can work wonders. Since your audience already consists of people who are a part of the community, finding great talent becomes easier. One thing to note here is that you need to be regular with doing this and not just do it one time.

32. Promote new key hires to your organization

Your marketing agency is a bunch of talented, creative, and driven folks who want to create an impact through their work. Whenever you make key hires, introducing them to the world helps you gain eyeballs for all the right reasons.

33. Talk about events happening in your industry

Talking about the events you plan to attend is a great way to make them more productive for all the attendees from your organization. At any given time, 5-10 events are happening every quarter. Your social media marketing strategy should incorporate hype around them effectively.

34. Do an Instagram Live

This is something that we don't need to talk much about. Not many brands are doing it, and they're paying for it through weaker audience engagement. However, we believe it is now boilerplate hygiene stuff that you should do every once in a while and do well.

35. Host a Twitter chat with your followers

Regardless of what's been happening at Twitter for some while now, it is a great platform full of potential with a long way to go before it dies out. Till then, you have an audience to engage on the platform. Hosting a chat is a great idea you can explore.

36. Ask your audience for their feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're above everything, but your audience will surely disagree. Seeking their opinion on things that matter to your business is a sure way to spike engagement. Try it.

37. How-to videos on relevant topics

Did we say videos are taking social media by storm? How-to videos are one type that does well - you already know the topics and your audience. It's time to get started!

38. Repurpose graphics used in other marketing assets

You spend time and effort creating assets for your marketing team. Some are for ads, and some are for webinars, and so on. Why not, then, does it make sense to repurpose it for your social media marketing? The payoff is huge, given the versatility and effort required.

39. Share third-party content which you found riveting

Your social media channels exist to add value to your audience. Plain and simple. You must find as many ways as possible to serve that goal. One easier way to do the same is to share third-party content that you find interesting.

40. Survey your audience to gauge their interests

It’s safe and easy to assume why your audience is following you. But, what is much better is to ask them directly. Surveys, then, become essential for you to get to know your audience better. It won’t take more than 5 hours to run one and even glean insights from it.

41. Preview a new project you are working on

Given the nature of your business, showcasing a sneak peek of some of the most exciting projects you’re working on can help build a great rapport with your target audience. And yes, some of your projects might be too confidential to share even a sneak peek of but don’t let this hold you back. You can always choose another client or another project.

42. Get creative with the use of emojis

Today, people don’t expect but instead demand that emojis be used to add flavor to social media. One way emojis can spice up your social media posts is by using them to structure your caption.

43. Give away something for free

And this time, without a competition. Just choose criteria and give something to your audience to entice them to engage with you better. For example, showcase a report you made and let your audience comment on your post in order to get a free copy.

44. Poll your audience

This is different from running surveys to ask people for their feedback. Polls help you engage the audience in a live, real-time environment on something light-hearted.

45. Create Reels for Instagram

This one goes without saying. As the #1 most popular and fastest-growing content format not just on Instagram but across the world, Reels are now ubiquitous. Hence, it only makes sense that, as a marketing agency, you capture the maximum value out of the format by repurposing carousels or summarizing your content through it.

However, manually posting Instagram Reels manually can be frustrating. Instead, try a scheduling tool such as StoryChief to auto-publish Instagram Reels and save time.

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46. Ask your audience to chime in on a company decision

Know of any big or small upcoming business or company decision you'd like to have some more options on? Ask your audience. Whether it is getting suggestions for the next company offsite or gifts for a major festival such as Diwali or Christmas. People love to be involved and leave their mark.

47. Make sure you use humor to your advantage

Humor and social media go hand in hand, like that famous meme that just came to your mind; you know which one we're talking about. Brands with a humorous, witty social media presence outdo their competition by staying on top of their audience's minds in multiple ways. Simply put, if you can make someone laugh, they’ll engage with your content.

48. ’Caption this’

This one is right out of the book 'old is gold.' What must have been one of the most popular social media post ideas in 2012, still holds water ten years later. It's as simple as asking your audience to caption a photo with a funny or clever line.

49. Publish a cartoon strip

If you have been big on using Instagram, you'd know how cartoon strips have taken to the platform. It started with indie artists creating some to promote their offerings and has today reached a stage where traditional brands are hiring cartoon strip creators to make some for them. Now you have a killer idea to engage your social media audience.

50. Distribute your company's content marketing assets

Social media is one of the most potent content distribution channels, and leveraging it to your advantage is imperative since it goes both ways - it fills your content calendar and brings you new and repeat traffic.

51. Share words of wisdom from your experienced folks

On your marketing agency team, there would be some folks who can say "been there, done that" to almost any expert skill or project your clients or audience would be interested in. Their advice and experience are worth their weight in gold when it comes to a social media post!

52. Post a photo of one of your team member's work view

In today's day and age of remote work, people are curious to know what is making others productive, helping them ace their work, and whatnot. Workstation inspiration is high on this list and has gained much traction of late. Here's one super easy social media post idea for you: post a photo of one of your team members' work views (bonus points if they are on vacation or working remotely!)

53. Use the #TBT hashtag

Again, another timeless campaign that gets people nostalgic for all the right reasons. #TBT stands for Throwback Thursday, although some call it 'turn back time' or 'truth be told.' Make sure you're throwing in (no pun intended) this social media post idea in your content calendar very soon.

54. Jump up on topical events to capture mindshare

Topical events are a great way to ensure your brand is keeping up with the changing times, just as your audience is going to. And let's face it - there is no dearth of topical stuff that comes up every other week, if not daily. Your job as a marketing agency then becomes a part of the discourse in a way that uniquely represents you.

55. Do an announcement countdown

Have a big announcement to make? Make sure you include your audience and followers as a part of the countdown to it. As mentioned throughout this blog post, people love being part of things. It's a human trait. As a brand, your success depends on how much of it you can act on.

56. Share some user-generated content

If it sounds cliche, you've probably seen some brands do it poorly. But user-generated content is a goldmine waiting to be explored; how you do it makes all the difference between a savvy and a run-of-the-mill brand.

57. Memes galore, but make sure they're highly contextual

Oh, don't even get us started on memes. You know it. We know it. Memes are just something you have to do well as a brand. Whether it is topical, random, or something in between the two, memes have the power to win over the world, so your audience isn't even a question at that point.

58. Do a crossword puzzle contest

Everyone loves a good crossword puzzle. So does your audience. Making one is easy; tons of tools can help you create one in a matter of minutes. All you need to do then is post it on your social media channels. One example of this, which went viral in 2022, is Wordle.

59. Use puns in your copy

Puns, humor, memes, it all ties back to the same objective - offering a differentiable brand experience that adds value to your audience’s day. People are already stressed from using too many screens, so it becomes a brand’s responsibility to make their audience’s time worthwhile.

60. Be regular with a theme or idea

Yup. That’s all there is to it. If you’re operating in digital transformation, stick to the topic for a long enough time that your audience can associate your presence with it. You’ll see that you’re top of mind every time digital transformation is mentioned.

61. Inspire your audience to take a pledge

The world needs real action; so does your brand. And so does your audience. Chances are, your audience is already on top of it and ready to be a part of the meaningful change the first chance they get. As a brand, it becomes your responsibility to give them the avenue. In this idea, inspire your audience to pledge about a cause you and they believe in.

62. Host a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session

There’s absolutely nothing more engaging you can do for your social media right now than to host a social media Ask Me Anything session with an expert from within your industry, an influencer, or a senior member of your team. If not even that, one with one of your leading clients, preferably on a topic that you are an expert on, and they happen to be availing your services for the same.

63. Shout out to businesses and creators

Your strength is that you’re an expert in what you do and your audience wants to learn how to do that thing better. Share resources, influencers, tools or products that you love. Tip: Don’t forget to tag or mention creators and businesses whenever you can.

64. Listicles

If you made it to the end of this list, you’re a living example of why listicles work well. They are clear, concise, and easy to consume. According to us, this evergreen social media post idea can’t be missing from your social media strategy!

Ready to try out these social media post ideas?

Social media is here to stay. To ensure you're maximizing the value you get out of this channel, you need to out-innovate your peers, keep a tab on your audience's interests, and invest the time and effort that it so demands.

What’s next? When you’ve gathered your social media post ideas, it’s time to add these to a content calendar for easy social media management.

Want to explore even more social media post ideas and strategies?