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July Updates: New Insights, Invite & Review, and More Content to Share!

StoryChief Updates 2 min read

We are back with some new features in our July recap 🥳

From even more analytics to an easier collaboration workflow. And oh - this month we even put our newsletter in a nice new coat, all ready to go. So if you don’t want to miss out on even more awesomeness, make sure to subscribe here at the bottom of the page. Now let's dive in 🤩

July StoryChief Recap

Here’s what’s on the agenda for today:

  1. Insights
  2. Invite & Review
  3. Brand New Content
  4. Coming Soon
  5. More News

1. Insights 📈

We get it, we get it... you content lovers need your data! Well here it is ⬇️

Tracking your content creations individually is one thing, but how well is your audience growing? And what about your engagement? You can track all your social media channels individually or get an overview of everything all together. Play around with the calendar view to analyze your socials even more in-depth.

StoryChief July Recap: Insights

2. Invite & Review ✔️

Creating content shouldn't be a lonely task. By popular demand, we have made StoryChief even easier to collaborate in! You can invite others to help you write, review, or give approval. Whether that's a co-worker, freelancer, a translator, ... it's up to you, they don't even need a StoryChief account if they are reviewing or approving.

That means no more worrying about giving out passwords to clients' websites and no more confusion around who’s working on what, you get to see all of that in one tool 🔥

StoryChief July Recap: Invite & Review

3. Brand New Content 📝

Would we really be a content marketing platform without having content to share with you?

4. Coming Soon 👀

Keyword performance for stories 🧑‍💻

Get more out of your stories' analytics. You can already see the number of times your story has been viewed or read, and even what the average read time is. Starting next month, we're giving you some more analytics to work with:

  • Top keywords
  • Underperforming keywords
  • Opportunities

Suggestion mode 💡

You can already add comments to parts of an article, but soon you'll be able to make suggestions! That means that you can suggest changes to a story without changing the original text. When the owner approves your suggestions, they replace the original text, so no rewriting has to be done.

5. More News 📰


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Drum roll please 🥁 The largest and most reliable news service in the Netherlands - the ANP - now works exclusively with StoryChief 🤩 Read all about this new partnership here in our press release.

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Exciting times ahead!

With ❤️ from StoryChief.

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