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Write For Us: How to Guest Post on StoryChief

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Are you a marketing expert with insights to share? Do you want to expand your reach and grow your personal brand? Consider becoming a guest blogger for StoryChief!

StoryChief's Insights Blog reaches over 20,000 marketers and entrepreneurs globally. By contributing high-quality, original content, you can establish yourself as a thought leader while getting exposure to StoryChief's engaged audience.

Follow these steps to pitch, write, and promote an awesome guest post for StoryChief:

1. Review the Guest Blogging Guidelines

Before you start writing, carefully review StoryChief's guest blogging guidelines. Currently, we are looking for posts that are:

  • Original, high-quality, and not published elsewhere
  • Between 1500-2500 words
  • Relevant and valuable to marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Actionable, with tips readers can apply
  • Free of aggressive self-promotion

Posts should also be well-structured with an introduction, subheadings, short paragraphs, and a conclusion. Including images, examples, and data to back up points is encouraged.

2. Choose a Relevant, Valuable Topic

Brainstorm topic ideas that align with StoryChief's audience interests and your own expertise. Aim to provide unique insights and actionable advice that readers can't find elsewhere.

Some potential topics StoryChief suggests are content marketing strategy, SEO, social media tips, and case studies/lessons learned in marketing.

Put your own spin and perspective on these subjects.

3. Submit Your Pitch

Once you have a focused topic in mind, submit your pitch via StoryChief's guest blogger application form. Include:

  • Your proposed headline and topic summary
  • A detailed outline of what the post will cover
  • Why it will be valuable to StoryChief's audience
  • Your relevant background and links to writing samples

The StoryChief team will review your pitch and get back to you on next steps. Be open to feedback and suggestions to refine your angle.

4. Write an Epic Post

If your pitch is accepted, it's time to write an epic post that will wow StoryChief's audience! Follow SEO best practices like:

  • Focusing on one main keyword
  • Optimizing your title and subheadings
  • Including relevant internal and external links
  • Writing an enticing meta description
  • Using short paragraphs and sentences

Hook readers with a strong introduction, deliver on the promise of your headline, and provide tons of value and actionable takeaways. Carefully edit and proofread your draft.

Consider following popular formats like how-to guides, list posts, or expert interviews. Back up points with examples, data, images, or quotes.

5. Craft a Compelling Author Bio

In your author bio, you have the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and your expertise to StoryChief's audience. Include:

  • What makes you qualified to write on the topic
  • Your current role and company
  • Impressive accomplishments or clients
  • One link to your website or social profile

Keep your bio concise but credible. This is your chance to establish authority and get interested readers to check out your site.

6. Submit Your Post and Be Responsive

Send your completed draft to StoryChief by the agreed upon deadline. Be responsive and timely in communications with the team.

Expect some edits and feedback to get your post ready for publication. Remain open-minded and professional in working through revisions.

Once you've collaborated with the editor to polish your post, it will be scheduled for publication. Share the link once it goes live!

7. Promote to Your Network

You've put a lot of effort into creating an amazing guest post - now make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Promote your published post through your own marketing channels like:

  • Sharing on your social media profiles
  • Linking to it in your email newsletter
  • Referencing and linking to it in future guest posts
  • Reaching out to influencers you mentioned to share

Respond to any comments on the post itself to boost engagement. Promoting your guest post helps drive more traffic to it, which is a win-win for you and StoryChief.

8. Analyze the Results

After your post has been live for a while, analyze the results to measure its success and impact. Key metrics to track include:

  • Referral traffic to your site from the guest post
  • New email subscribers or leads generated
  • Social shares and engagement
  • Backlinks earned

See what topics and tactics resonated most with StoryChief's audience. Use these insights to inform your future guest posting strategy.

9. Maintain the Relationship

If your first guest post for StoryChief performs well, look for opportunities to contribute again in the future. You could even become a resident writer for their blog.

Maintain a positive relationship with the StoryChief team by:

  • Thanking them for the opportunity
  • Delivering quality content consistently
  • Engaging with their posts on social media
  • Exploring other partnership opportunities

Building a long-term relationship can lead to ongoing opportunities to reach StoryChief's audience and grow your brand.

Takeaways and Next Steps

Guest blogging for a popular site like StoryChief can skyrocket your reach and authority. But it requires carefully studying the guidelines, pitching a valuable topic, writing an in-depth post, and promoting it strategically.

For your next steps to become a StoryChief guest blogger:

  1. Brainstorm topics that align with their guidelines and your expertise
  2. Submit a well-thought-out pitch via their form
  3. Write a 1500-2500 word post that informs and inspires their audience
  4. Include a compelling author bio with a relevant link
  5. Promote your published post and engage with comments
  6. Analyze the results and aim to contribute again

By following this process consistently, you can become a regular contributor and get ongoing exposure to StoryChief's 20,000+ audience.

Start working on your pitch today!