Content Campaigns in StoryChief is a brand new tool to get better insights

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It's finally here, we've been hard at work improving our most powerful feature content campaigns, a powerful hub to bundle insights of your multiple pieces of content around the same topic. Articles, press releases, news, social media posts.

content campaigns

But first, what is StoryChief again?

There are so many different forms of content out there today. When you launch a new product or a content campaign you might end up with all your assets in so many places. Articles in WordPress, Press release in Google Docs, videos, Social Media posts, E-Mail or Slack messages to engage your colleagues, etc... It all becomes messy really quickly. And when you want to check the performance of your campaigns you spend way too much time gathering data from all the different places.

StoryChief centralizes collaboration, creation, optimization, distribution, and analytics of your content campaigns. It integrates with thousands of tools, channels, and CMS systems.

Content Campaigns. Easy process in four steps

In the campaign's view, you can gather insights on how multiple content pieces around the same topic are performing.

content campaigns first step

Create a plan for your content campaigns

Plan before you start to ensure all the pieces fit together to hit your goal. Plan articles, social posts, and marketing events all within your content campaign.

strategy mapping

Monitor progress for your content campaigns

Help your team move faster and let them know if they’re on the right track with their content campaigns. See your team activities and approval processes.

content calendar

Better insights

Get a better understanding of how your content campaigns are performing, from audience insights to key metrics about your content performance.

content campaigns final step

Want to check if StoryChief fits your company’s workflow?

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