How This Digital Marketing Agency Plans a Year's Worth of Engaging Content with StoryChief

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When it comes to content planning, many businesses face challenges in terms of collaboration, efficiency, optimization, and distribution. This was the case for iProv, a digital-first marketing agency based in the United States, specializing in high-level strategy and content production.

Their remote team struggled with managing multiple versions of content in Google Docs, lacked SEO optimization capabilities, and found WordPress to be too technically demanding for their non-technical team members.

However, iProv's content marketing operations took a significant turn when they discovered StoryChief - an all-in-one content marketing platform that became their single source of truth for all their marketing campaigns.

“We are spending less time creating, and more time thinking strategically for our clients. We do this at a reduced cost, boosting profit and client satisfaction. Our production manager, calls it the one-click wonder. Everything is just about a click away.” - Patrick Laughlin, CEO at iProv

Iprov’s biggest gains since using StoryChief for content marketing

Learn how iProv planned a year's worth of engaging content ahead, reduced administrative costs, collaborated seamlessly with a remote team, centralized their marketing campaigns, and made data-driven decisions with powerful analytics.

  1. Planning a year of content ahead
  2. Reducing administrative costs and increasing profit
  3. Collaborating and aligning a remote team
  4. A single source of truth for all marketing campaigns
  5. Make data-driven decisions with centralized analytics

1. Planning a year of content ahead

Content planning is essential for a content marketing strategy to thrive. iProv utilized StoryChief to plan their clients' content strategy up to a year in advance. This enabled them to establish specific goals, meet their clients' requirements, and create a roadmap for achieving success.

Through proactive content planning, iProv effectively allocated resources, ensured timely content delivery, and maintained a consistent publishing schedule. This level of preparation enhanced efficiency and allowed iProv to outperform competitors by consistently delivering top-notch content.

“We typically plan our activities on a yearly basis, allowing us to collaborate with clients and establish a focus for the upcoming year. We create an editorial calendar based on their needs, and from there, StoryChief becomes the central hub for managing our operations. With StoryChief, we have a clear understanding of when content will be published and what tasks are coming up.”

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2. Reducing administrative costs and increasing profit

iProv has experienced three main benefits.

  • By centralizing content, feedback, and assets in a single location, the amount of internal administrative work is reduced.
  • Workflow efficiency has been significantly improved by integrating different tools, eliminating the need to switch between them.
  • The constant hiring and training of specialized contractors, such as WordPress specialists, is no longer necessary.
“StoryChief has simplified the process of working with WordPress by eliminating the technical challenges that newcomers often face. This means that, with the approval of our clients, we can easily collaborate and make changes without any complications.”

Overall, these changes have lowered the technical requirements for partners and expanded access to individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency.

“We are spending less time creating, and more time thinking strategically for our clients. We do this at a reduced cost, boosting profit and client satisfaction.”

3. Collaborating and aligning a remote team

StoryChief has proven to be an invaluable tool for collaboration at Iprov. With team members spread across the country, working on various aspects of clients' projects, the need for a streamlined collaboration platform became evident.

Initially, they used Google Docs, but managing multiple versions quickly became overwhelming. Furthermore, the lack of built-in SEO tools meant that they had to manually optimize after publication.

“Google Docs lacked adequate built-in SEO tools, so someone had to manually optimize the content after it was published. As a result, we were paying a lot of money just to get things posted.”

One of the key strengths of StoryChief is its ability to empower non-technical users within the organization. StoryChief allowis individuals without prior experience to easily contribute and receive client approval through its robust collaboration features.

4. A single source of truth for all marketing campaigns

Having a single source of truth is essential for effective content marketing and content planning. Before using StoryChief, iProv faced challenges with scattered content across various tools and platforms. This made it difficult to keep track of everything and ensure consistency across channels.

“We are able to seamlessly integrate our podcast, email workflows, and social media platforms, all focused on scheduling and posting the blog articles we create for our clients. This is made possible by the various integrations we have in place in StoryChief.”

With StoryChief as their single source of truth, iProv could consolidate all their content creation efforts in one place. This not only improved organization but also ensured that everyone had access to the most up-to-date versions of content.

5. Make data-driven decisions with centralized content analytics

StoryChief's content analytics provided iProv with valuable insights into content performance. By analyzing these data-backed insights, iProv could identify trends, understand audience preferences, and make data-informed recommendations to their clients. Having access to such insights empowered iProv to fine-tune their content marketing efforts and deliver better results for their clients.

“The content analytics provided by StoryChief enables us to offer more valuable recommendations to our clients regarding their next steps. Moreover, it provides us with greater flexibility compared to relying solely on traditional methods such as using a calendar or a task management tool like Asana.”
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