Repurposing Content for Social Media: 12 Creative Examples

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When it comes to content creation, it's best to work smarter, not harder. Content repurposing helps you create more social media content without constantly coming up with fresh ideas. It’s an essential but often overlooked part of content marketing and social media management.

48% of marketers report not repurposing content enough, limiting their abilities to scale content production. This also means 48% of marketers are not leveraging the full potential of their content.

Instead, try repurposing your content into native social media posts. It’s a simple, easy, and effective strategy to reach more people without much extra work.

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What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is as simple as recycling existing content and turning it into different formats. This strategy allows you to reap the benefits of your content long after you’ve created it.

Because content doesn’t always have to be new, it should feel new.

visual representation of content repurposing for email, youtube, twitter and facebook
Content repurposing for different channels - Source: Backlinko

Why is content repurposing useful?

The constant creation of new content will exhaust you. And with minimal results, because your audience has no way of finding the content you create. Instead, create several posts from the original one to ensure it gets seen. In other words, maximize the power of your existing content.

In addition, you will reach new audiences that you may have missed the first time around. Because not everyone will consume your content in its original form. Therefore, content repurposing for multiple channels is a must if you want to meet your audience where they hang out online.

Lastly, promoting quality content across multiple channels builds industry credibility. Coming up with new content is time-consuming, so why not make good use of the content you already have?

12 examples of content repurposing for social media

Your life will change once you realize you don't have to come up with fresh ideas for every post. But before you get started, let’s look at different social posts you can create from one single blog post or video.

✍️ Repurposing blog posts

Sharing your blog on different social media channels is quite easy. But if you want to create more engagement, you have to be really creative.

Social media carousel

A high-quality carousel is a powerful tool to drive your audience to click on your blog post. They are visually pleasing as well as highly educational. Carousels also make it extremely easy to fill your content calendar in no time since you can create 5+ posts from your original content.

Social media carousel made from blog content

Educational videos

Similarly to carousels, it’s easy to create short videos based on key insights from your blog posts. Especially if you use tools like Lumen5 that do the hard work for you. Simply plug in your URL, pick a template, and fine-tune your video from there.

For instance, here’s a video we created from our Complete Guide to Storytelling.

Educational video distilled from a blog post about storytelling

Twitter thread

Bundle different statements, quotes, or statistics around a topic using Twitter threads. Admittedly, repurposing blog content into Twitter threads can be quite time-consuming. But there’s an app for that. Chir App splits long-form text automatically into smaller sections, perfect for Twitter. You can even preview what it will look like.

content repurposing of blog content into twitter threads
Chir App automatically generates Twitter threads from long-form content.

Pro Tip: We also have a nifty tool that automatically generates beautiful carousels out of any Twitter thread...

Turn a Twitter thread into a carousel

Meet our Twitter Thread Designer. Create beautiful social media carousels out of any Twitter thread from your favorite influencers. You don’t even need to come up with your own content!

For example, out of this Twitter thread about marketing trends ...

screenshot of a Twitter thread about marketing
StoryChief’s Twitter Thread Designer

... we created this 👇 beautiful carousel.


Infographics get 12% more traffic and 200% more shares than text-only posts. Aside from them being short, they’re also easy to understand. This is because our brain processes visuals faster than text. So when infographics are used in the right way– to present data and visually tell stories, they are highly effective.

Infographic created from internal data.


Ebooks are great lead magnets as well as a great way for you to build thought leadership. And they don’t have to be difficult or expensive to create. For instance, Designrr is a (paid) tool to repurpose blog content into ebooks. Simply plug in your URLs, pick a template and you’re good to go.

content marketing toolkit ebook
Ebook about Content Marketing

Checklists and listicles

A checklist is a form of evergreen content that get a lot of traffic, engagement, and backlinks. They tend to be super actionable and thus of high value for your audience. To illustrate, here’s a content writing checklist.

7-step content writing checklist

Update older blog posts

Content repurposing includes adding new insights, visuals, screenshots, quotes, videos, and other assets to your popular content.

Google will learn this piece of content is still relevant after it was first published and will start prioritizing it again. Also, it’s a great excuse to promote your content again on social media or publish it on other channels such as Medium.

📽️ Repurposing video and audio content

Webinar snippets

Another great way to create more engagement is by repurposing your webinar into short videos for social media. This allows you to promote the previous webinar as well as any upcoming webinars. You will also reach new people who may not have heard about you yet.

Podcast content repurposed into a snippet for social media


Tools like Wavve or Audiogram allow you to create audio snippets from your podcast. Pick from any template to turn your podcast into engaging audio clips.

Customer testimonials

Another way to experiment with content repurposing is by turning customer interviews into short testimonial videos. Perfect if you want to reach similar prospects.

Example of a customer use case of StoryChief

Course teasers

It's not worth spending time and energy recording, editing, and creating a video course to only have it live on your website. Repurpose your video content into teaser videos to reel in your audience.

Growth course in the StoryChief Academy
SEO course in the StoryChief Academy


If you are continuously putting out new blog content but not seeing results, it may be time for you to re-evaluate your strategy. Repurposing content for social media will help you generate more organic traffic. Experiment with all the ways you can repurpose your existing content into exciting social media posts.

  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Twitter threads
  • Social media carousels
  • Educational videos
  • Video & audio snippets
  • Teaser videos
  • Testimonial videos

In reality, you can experiment with many more content formats. See what works best for your audience. Then double down on that to get the best results.

Content repurposing made easy with StoryChief

Publish content

With StoryChief, scheduling repurposed social media content becomes super easy. In your social media editor, click “Duplicate content” to customize and schedule your post again in a few months. It’s a solid strategy to get more organic traffic to your content. Play around with different content formats to optimize engagement.

product screenshot showing social media post editor
Duplicating content in StoryChief

Track results

Find out what is and isn’t working for your audience. Fuel your content strategy with this information to maximize results. Get a multi-channel overview of your performance or analyze individual posts.

social media performance screenshot
Check the ‘Insights’ tab to track your performance.

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