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Is Pinterest marketing worth it for businesses in 2024?

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Pinterest celebrated its 14th birthday in 2024. For a social media platform, that's a respectable age. But is Pinterest still a viable content marketing channel for businesses in 2024 and beyond?

In short - yes, absolutely.

Pinterest may not make headlines as often as TikTok or Instagram these days. However, the visual discovery platform still attracts almost 500 million monthly active users worldwide. The Global Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grew 11% year over year to 498 million, a new record high.

Beyond the numbers, Pinterest offers unique opportunities for certain niches that other platforms simply can’t match. Let's explore why you should still pay attention to Pinterest marketing in 2024 and optimize your presence.

Why Do Marketing on Pinterest?

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So, before we dive into specifics, let's address the elephant in the room - why should businesses still care about Pinterest? After all, hot new platforms like TikTok, X, YouTube, and Reddit seem to be where all the action is.

Here are four key reasons why Pinterest should still be part of your content marketing plans:

1. Rising Popularity of Pinterest

Media formats with the most ROI: Videos, Images, blog posts, case studies.
Source: HubSpot

Human brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Simply put, we love visual content.

Even more, this preference will only grow stronger in the coming years. Gen Z consumers already rely heavily on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Videos generate 12x more shares than text and images combined.

Since Pinterest was built for this visual world and optimized for visual searches, it lets you tap into the rising demand for eye-catching images and videos.

2. Purchase Intent on Pinterest

For people on Pinterest, shopping is a ifestyle.
Source: Feed Optimization Playbook

While people use Instagram and Facebook to connect with friends, Pinterest users visit the platform with a different mindset.

Pinterest is an aspirational platform. Its users come to discover solutions for their wants and needs. Over 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they use it to plan for purchases.

In other words, Pinners have high purchase intent - making them primed for your ads and Shoppable Pins.

3. Growth of Ecommerce on Pinterest

the groth in retail ecommerce sales worldwide
Source: Forbes

The pandemic accelerated the growth of ecommerce across the globe. In 2023 alone, retail ecommerce sales grew by over 15%. They are expected to grow at 12%+ year-on-year through 2025.

Modern consumers are highly comfortable with discovering and buying products online. Pinterest lets you put your ecommerce business right in front of this demand.

In fact, Pinterest drives a greater rate of sales per click than any other social media platform. Shoppable Pins make the path from discovery to purchase seamless.

4. Under-Utilization By Competitors

61% of Pinners say that Pinterest is where they go to start a new project
Source: Pinterest

Despite the promise, many businesses still under-utilize Pinterest for marketing. Surprisingly, this includes players in traditionally high-performing niches like fashion and D2C brands.

Lower competition gives you room to stand out on Pinterest. For context, the platform’s ad auction is still newbie-friendly compared to Facebook or Instagram. Just $0.78 is the average cost per click.

In summary, Pinterest offers the right mix of engaged users, purchasing intent, ecommerce capabilities, and low costs that make it a valuable marketing platform through 2024.

Which Niches Perform Best on Pinterest?

Pinterest niche examples

Pinterest works well for most niches but some verticals simply thrive on the platform more than others.

As you shape marketing plans for, keep these high-potential niches in mind:

Home Décor and Furniture

interior design on pinterest

People turn to Pinterest for interior design inspiration. Over 175 million people search for home décor ideas every month - from living room makeovers to bedroom refreshers.

It is amongst the most popular categories, driving 11% growth in engagement over 2022.

Home décor retailers can leverage this interest by sharing curated inspiration boards and room makeover ideas. Encourage users to save Pins of furniture and accessories they love.

West Elm’s Pinterest presence with almost 1 million followers is a great example to follow.

Fashion and Apparel

Source: Pinterest Newsroom

The luxury goods market is surging; it’s likely to double in size by 2030 on the strength of Gen Z spending. Shoppers rely on Pinterest to discover the latest fashion trends like cottagecore dresses or clean girl aesthetics.

Number 1 destination for inspiration when shopping for luxury3  70% of Pinterest’s luxury audience is under 35 years old2  1 in 3 luxury shoppers on Pinterest have an annual income over $100,0003  3 in 5 luxury shoppers say they use Pinterest to research luxury brands and products3
Source: Study: The consumers luxury brands care about the most are on Pinterest

Apparel brands can tap into this demand by sharing curated outfit ideas and trending styles.

Louis Vuitton nails this with a strong following of 409k. Their profile highlights bold seasonal collections as well as timeless wardrobe essentials.

Food and Cooking

pinterest board for food

Over 207 million foodies turn to Pinterest every month for recipe inspiration. Food and drink ideas drive 12% of total engagement on the platform.

From air fryer recipes to mocktail how-tos, people want to discover creative kitchen solutions. Brands should share easy-to-save recipe Pins that pinners can bookmark for later.

buzzfeedtasty tasty.co; Opens a new tab·Snag the latest recipes, food quizzes, cooking hacks, and more sent to your inbox 4x/week with the Tasty newsletter 👉 https://bzfd.it/2nimce7 10.3M followers · 108 following

Buzzfeed Tasty sets a great example with their presence, nailing down recipe discovery, with 10M monthly views.

Health, Wellness and Self-Care

yoga guides on pinterest

Pinterest users also visit the platform to invest in themselves. Yoga poses, fitness inspiration, and mental health tips drive significant engagement.

Brands like Peloton share motivation content to connect with audiences. Skincare labels like CeraVe highlight quality how-to advice and tips.

Travel and Outdoor Recreation


Wanderlust is strong on Pinterest. Travel planning and outdoor adventure ideas make up over 9% of engagement.

Destinations highlight stunning photography of popular locations while hotels share room tours. The North Face uses scenic outdoor backdrops and hiking trail tips.

The common thread? Inspiring visuals and practical advice to fuel future trips.

Weddings and Events

wedding on pinterest

Over 64 million monthly viewers turn to Pinterest for wedding inspiration like dress designs, table decor ideas, and proposal concepts. It is the #1 platform that brides-to-be use during planning.

But weddings are just the start. Party planning drives significant interest - from birthdays to baby showers. Brands should highlight Pinnable ideas, from balloons to guest favors.

Parenting and Family Life

Modern parents are short on time but still want to nurture their families. They rely on Pinterest to discover ideas for kids’ activities, family bonding, mom hacks, parenting tips and more.

This need will only grow as millennials move into the next stages of parenthood. Brands can share advice on everything from toddler meals to finding summer camps for teens.

In summary, visual and discovery-based niches perform exceptionally well on Pinterest. But even beyond these areas, the platform is a goldmine for inspiring your audience.

8 Keys to Unlocking Pinterest’s Potential

Pinterest - it's possible
Source: Inspiring ideas and making them happen? It’s Possible

You understand why Pinterest matters and which niches it serves best. But how exactly can you get the most out of it for your brand?

Here are 8 proven tips:

1. Optimize Your Profile

Steps to optimize your Pinterest Profile
Source: Pinterest Profile Optimization: How I got 346% More Traffic from Pinterest

Your Pinterest profile is the home base for your brand. Don’t neglect it!

Start by choosing a clear profile picture and cover image. Refresh it seasonally or as you launch new collections.

The name, bio, and website must communicate who you are. Share your brand story and what makes you unique.

Finally, structure relevant boards around topics to help followers browse your Pins. Group similar ideas like recipes, outfit inspirations, or yoga flows.

2. Be Consistent - Plan your content

content calendar
Source: StoryChief content calendar

Posting consistently is non-negotiable for Pinterest's success. But what’s the right cadence?

B2C brands should pin at least 5 times a day, while D2C labels can start slower at 1-2 daily Pins.

Building a queue of Pins lets you keep this pace consistently. Mix evergreen and trending topics so your profile stays relevant.

Being consistent with your planning removes the headaches of posting on the fly. Content planning helps you to figure out the types of content you plan to post, the topics you want to post about and of course, when to post it.

Pro-tip: We built a tool to plan your content in minutes. Give it a try, and tell us what you think.

3. Optimize Pin Content

rich pin for pizza dough

Pretty pictures alone won’t cut it anymore. You need compelling, useful Pins that solve problems for Pinners. Calls to action can boost clicks and conversions further.

Each Pin should:

  • Feature stunning vertical images at least 1000 px tall
  • Use relevant keywords in the post title and description
  • Link back to a related blog post or product page
  • Provide practical value to the viewer

Pro-Tip: Use a tool like BlogToPin to repurpose your content for Pinterest.

4. Promote Your Best Content

pinterest ads

Not all your Pins will get equal visibility. So highlight your best assets through Pinterest Ads.

For example, promote:

  • Strong performing Pins to new audiences
  • High-quality evergreen Pins to revive interest
  • Fresh Pins you’ve published to drive quick engagement

Retargeting campaigns are effective as well. Remarket viewers who have already engaged with your Pins or visited your site.

Pro-tip: Use social media content pillars to organize and plan your content by key themes.

5. Collaborate With Influencers

pinterest influencers
Source: Pinterest launches shopping spotlights with influencers and publishers

Over 75% of Pinners say they have purchased something after seeing it on Pinterest. Tapping into this demand through influencers is smart.

Work with creators in your niche to promote products. Encourage giveaways, unboxing videos or reviews showcasing your items.

Micro and mid-tier influencers are often more than happy to partner with relevant brands.

6. Make Products Shoppable

Pinterest's native shopping capabilities make it effortless for users to purchase from Pins. Brands must optimize for this.

Link product Pins directly to e-commerce pages using the “Pick a Product” tool. Enable buyers to complete orders without leaving Pinterest.

Shoppable Pins drive 2x more clicks and 3x higher conversion value. Don’t leave this opportunity on the table.

7. Track Analytics

pinterest analytics

Pinterest Analytics and monitoring your key metrics is crucial for optimizing over time. Pay attention to data like:

  • Impressions and engagement rates
  • Most clicked Pins and boards
  • Website clicks and traffic
  • Conversions and revenue from Pinterest

Regularly review reports to find high-performing content worth promoting more. Double down on what works!

8. Stay Updated

Pinterest Newsroom

Like any platform, Pinterest evolves rapidly. So stay updated on new developments.

Follow official Pinterest pages, subscribe to our StoryChief blog and follow influencers in your space for insider tips. Read blogs and join communities to exchange ideas.

Mastering basics is the first step. But staying agile as algorithms shift is what will ensure lasting success.

The Visual Future is Here

pinterest growth

Pinterest offers something unique. At its heart, it taps into the human desire to visualize, discover and plan for the future.

This makes Pinterest an invaluable platform for marketers even in 2024. Its highly engaged user base presents lucrative opportunities to inspire audiences and drive conversions.

Now is the time to start optimizing your presence. Consistently share compelling Pins, promote products and collaborate with creators in your niche. Track performance and keep innovating as algorithms evolve.

By following proven best practices, your brand can tap into Pinterest’s immense potential this year and beyond. So don’t leave this opportunity on the table. Pinterest’s visual future is too promising to ignore.

There you have it – the inside scoop on Pinterest marketing. Now, are you ready to revolutionize your social media game?

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