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B2B Marketing Tools: 50+ Top Picks Of All Time [2024]

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Ready for the ultimate list of B2B marketing tools?

We’ve curated the top software across 14 different categories, including content creation, customer journey automation, and so much more.

While some platforms can be used by both B2C and B2B marketers, there are certainly times when a dedicated B2B tool is better. For example, in the B2C world, sales teams are less common—as so is the need to move customers through long sales cycles. B2B marketing teams also don’t have a lot of brand awareness on their side.

Our software top picks can help with the complexity of marketing business to business.

Meet the different types of B2B marketing tools

There are many different types of B2B marketing tools, and they’re all used by different marketing roles. A social media manager will use social media software, while a media buyer will use ad optimization software.

Click on one of the categories below to see our top picks:

  1. Creating and managing content
  2. Graphic design and social media
  3. Automating and personalizing journeys
  4. Aligning marketing with sales
  5. Optimizing paid ads
  6. Referral programs
  7. Affiliate and partner programs
  8. Podcasting
  9. Community building
  10. Tracking conversions and ROI
  11. Team collaboration
  12. Managing virtual events and webinars
  13. Cold email pitching
  14. Digital PR

Best software for creating and managing content

With the high cost of paid search ads for most B2B keyphrases, organic content is critical. SEO is important to nearly all B2B marketing teams. Check out our top picks:

1. StoryChief

StoryChief is a content marketing platform, you can manage every aspect of content marketing: briefing, assigning, writing, SEO and readability optimization, reviewing, approving, and publishing. Plus, you can promote your blog content across multiple channels, including social media, your email newsletter, and employee advocacy.


Plans start at $220 per month for Teams, $40 per month for individuals, and $440 per month for agencies. See all plans here.

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2. SEMrush

semrush screenshot

SEMrush is a popular SEO tool that you can use to manage SEO content writing, competitor, and keyword research to understand what your audience is searching for on Google. For outreach, partnerships, and link building, it is one of the most comprehensive all-in-one SEO suites.


Plans start at $99, with special pricing for large in-house SEO teams and agencies.

3. Frase

frase screenshot

With Frase, you can discover relevant statistics and secondary keyphrases to include in your SEO-optimized blog posts. These secondary keyphrases can help your posts rank for more long-tail search queries.


Plans start at $44.99 per month, which allows for analyzing different 30 main keyphrases.

4. Grammarly


One of the world’s most popular editing software, Grammarly offers a browser extension that checks everything as you write it. It will provide grammar and spelling suggestions when you’re writing in StoryChief, Google Docs, or other tools.


Business Plans start at $12.50 per user per month. Volume discounts are available for large teams.

Tools for graphic design and social media

Social media may not be known for driving traffic, but it is a huge factor for building brand awareness, which impacts your lead generation and customer retention. Here are the best tools to try.

5. Canva


Canva is a graphic design software that can be used by designers and non-designers alike. With lots of templates and the ability to save your branding, it makes designing all sorts of assets a lot faster.


Plans start at $9.99 per user per month, with lower pricing for additional users. Custom enterprise plans are available.

6. AICarousels

aicarousels screenshot

AICarousels is an advanced social media carousel generator. The AI tool is the fastest way to create social media carousels for LinkedIn, Instagram & TikTok. It features an AI writing assistant, custom templates, and presets.


Free to use, the pro version has an AI carousel generator that allows you to turn a topic, text, video, website, YouTube video, or PDF into a LinkedIn carousel with one click.

7. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is one of the best B2B marketing tools for large brands. It provides social listening intelligence to help you discover what customers really think about your brand, handle any public customer service or PR emergencies, and spy on your competitors’ brand sentiment too.


Pricing isn’t publicly available, so you’ll need to book a demo with their sales team for a custom quote.

👋 Did you know? StoryChief doesn’t just help you publish and promote blog posts. You can create, approve, and schedule all sorts of social media content. Try it out.

Tools for automating and personalizing journeys

Marketing leaders agree: automating personalized journeys is critical towards successfully generating pipeline for your company. Here are the best B2B marketing tools for the job.

8. HubSpot


Famous for a reason, HubSpot is easier to use than many other marketing journey software. What’s more, it was built to maximize the use of your content assets, and it works across your website and email.


Professional and Enterprise plans start at $800 per month for 2000 marketing contacts, with plans increasing in price for additional contacts.

9. Marketo


Marketo, formally known as Adobe Marketo Engage, is a robust platform for lead and account-based marketing (ABM). Top features include journey analytics, website retargeting, AI-driven website personalization, and predictive content.


Marketo doesn’t publish their pricing, as it's based on the size of your database, so you’ll need to get in touch with sales.

10. ActiveCampaign


While more commonly known as an email marketing software, ActiveCampaign can do a lot more. The customer experience automation platform allows you to trigger marketing, sales, and customer retention campaigns based on real behavior.


Small business plans start at $7.50 per month, but most B2B marketing teams will pay at least $300 a month for the right features and contact limits.

11. Omnisend


With Omnisend, you can manage email marketing, marketing automation, SMS, forms, and pop-ups. The advanced segmentation and having all those features in one place makes it easier to create custom customer journeys. While the company’s target audience is ecommerce, the platform can provide results for any brand wanting to create multichannel campaigns.


For all of their features, you’ll spend at least $59 per month, with pricing going up for additional contacts.

Tools for aligning marketing with sales

When marketing and sales align, great things happen. Use the tools to make sure that your marketing efforts are truly impacting pipeline.

12. Gong


While Gong is primarily a sales tool, marketers can use the AI-powered platform to glean insights from sales calls more quickly. They can identify common trends and skip to important parts of the transcription. This is a great resource for researching and strategizing.


Pricing isn’t published, so you’ll need to reach out to sales for a custom quote.

13. Drift


Drift’s revenue acceleration platform can be used to convert more website browsers into hot leads. The software helps align marketing and sales by handing marketing leads over to sales much quicker and utilizing conversational marketing.


Drift doesn’t publish their pricing, so check in with sales. They do however offer special pricing to startups with fewer than 50 employees.

14. People.ai


Marketers can use People.ai to get insight into sales pipeline like never before. This insight can be used for more accurate nurture, re-activation, and retention campaigns.


No pricing details are published, so check with sales for a quote.

Tools for optimizing paid ads

15. WordStream


WordStream is a platform to help advertisers audit and optimize their ads for Google and Bing. The focus of the software is on improving conversions of search ads.


WordStream’s software costs $49 per month. The company also offers services to help small businesses run ads.

16. Ahrefs

ahrefs paid keywords

Ahrefs is a very popular SEO tool that can also be used to conduct research for your PPC ads. The software can also be used for market analysis, ad tracking, and even running social media ads. You can see what ads your competitors are running on which paid keywords.


Plans start at $89, with higher pricing for large teams and agencies.

17. Optmyzr


With Optmyzer, you can manage search ads, display ads, and video ads in one place. The platform offers media buying team workflows, bid management, budget optimization, and more.


Subscriptions start at $208 per month, and the pricing goes up for higher monthly ad spend.

Tools for referral programs

Referral programs can be an effective way to grow a SaaS business, particularly a SaaS company that serves a small business audience. Here are B2B marketing tools for managing referral programs.

18. GrowSurf


With GrowSurf, you can spin up a referral program in just a couple of hours. You’ll get a widget that you can embed in your SaaS platform as well as your email newsletter.


Plans start at $200 per month, with pricing increasing for additional participants (your customers or user base).

19. ReferralRock


With ReferralRock, you can manage referral programs as well as brand ambassadors. The share widget can be added to your website, newsletter, or app.


Plans start at $500 per month and include 500 participants.

20. SaaSquatch


SaaSquatch allows you to create multi-program and multi-tier campaigns. Manage customer loyalty rewards, referral rewards, and even affiliate and partnership commissions (we provide dedicated affiliate software recommendations below).


Designed for larger businesses, plans start at $1750 per month and include 200,000 participants.

Tools for affiliate and partner programs

An affiliate program can be a great acquisition channel for any B2B business. Particularly in industries with low SEO search volumes and difficult ad targeting, an affiliate program can be a saving grace. Manage your affiliate program with one of these tools.

21. Partnerize


With Partnerize, you can manage every aspect of partnerships, from discovery to recruitment to tracking to communication to analysis to affiliate payouts. The platform even offers compliance and fraud monitoring technology to ensure brand safety.


The company doesn’t publish their pricing on their website, so you’ll need to check in for a custom quote.

22. Tapfiliate


Tapfilliate is an affiliate marketing software that can work for SaaS and ecommerce companies. Top features include affiliate link tracking, gamification, and rewards and commission management.


Pricing starts at $69 per month and goes up as your clicks and conversions increase.

23. Impact


Want more affiliate partners? You can use Impact to discover new potential partners, manage contracts and payments, optimize your commission structure, and protect your affiliate program against fraud.


Subscription fees aren’t available on their website, so contact sales to request a custom quote.

Tools for podcasting

Podcasting is a very popular strategy for B2B marketers. You can use podcasting as the hub for all of your content creation, and repurpose the insights from interviews into blogs, ebooks, social media content, and more. Here are the best B2B marketing tools for running a podcast.

24. Zencastr


Zencastr is a podcast recording studio. Use it to capture high-quality audio in a way that is user-friendly for you and your guest. And, if you also publish a video version, you can capture video of all participants as well.


Zencastr offers a free plan, and the paid plan is just $20 per month.

25. Podcastpage


Do you want to spin up a podcast website quickly? Podcastpage makes it easy to manage your podcast website, and it automatically publishes new episodes to your website from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatever you set as your main source.


Plans start at $12 per month. Custom enterprise plans are available for businesses that want additional features and priority support.

26. Anchor


Created by Spotify, Anchor is a podcasting platform that offers unlimited hosting, streamlined distribution, audience analytics, and user-friendly production and editing.


Anchor is completely free to use. Spotify wants to break into podcasts, so they’re offering their creator suite for free.

27. Wavve


Wavve is an easy-to-use tool for turning podcast episode snippets into social media posts. You can create 30-second or 60-second posts for Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


On the free plan, you can create 1 minute of video per month. Or pay $10 per month to generate up to 10 minutes of video per month and roll over up to 20 minutes of unused time.

Tools for community building

Community building is a smart strategy for many B2B businesses. Your customers can come together towards a common goal. This is a great fit for businesses whose customers have something meaningful in common. Check out these B2B marketing tools that can help you build a community of your own.

28. Facebook Groups

Facebook Group

Facebook Groups can be used by any individual or small business, but these groups do offer a benefit to B2B companies. Your audience is probably already on Facebook (with 2.85 billion users, it’s still the most popular network around the world), so it might be easier to build a community here. However, the platform isn’t used heavily by Gen Z, so you may need to move your community off Facebook in the future.


Creating a Facebook group is free for any business.

29. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks

Positioning itself as the direct solution to ditching Facebook Groups, Mighty Networks is a community-building software that lets you bring your people, events, content, and resources into one white-labeled, branded app.


Plans start at $23 per month, but most businesses will need at least the Business Plan, which is $81 per month. Custom enterprise plans are also available.

30. Amity


Amity can be used to build a community within your own platform, making this is a great fit for SaaS companies. Marketers can add a community feature to the product without diverting busy engineers away from the roadmap.


The subscription is charged based on your number of monthly active users (MAU). The Advanced plan costs $0.09 per MAU.

Best tools for tracking conversions and ROI

Without analytics, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t. Use these apps to both track and improve conversions.

31. Oribi


Oribi has positioned itself as the answer for marketers who are tired of how complex Google Analytics is. Top features include event tracking, funnel analysis, and behavior correlations.


A plan for 10,000 monthly visitors per month will cost you $630 per month. The pricing changes according to your website traffic.

32. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Even if you use other analytics tools, you’ll probably still want to integrate them with Google Analytics, which offers a highly accurate view of your website traffic and the actions they take.


Google Analytics is free, making it a continued favorite amongst marketing teams of all sizes.

33. Grow


While Grow is a business intelligence platform that can be used by any department, it offers lots of great insights for marketers specifically. It integrates with just about everything to give you a single view of your data. Plus, because it’s company-wide, marketers can get insights into sales and customer success data to help them understand the full impact of their work.


Pricing isn’t available online, so contact sales for information.

34. Funnel


Funnel offers automated data collection and reports for marketers. Once all of your sources are integrated, the data transformation features will ensure that you can make sense of data across every platform and campaign.


Prices start at $399 per month, with custom pricing available for larger teams.

35. FullStory


FullStory is a popular tool amongst product teams and product marketers. It offers a unified view of the customer experience and helps you discover bugs that might be dampening your conversion rates.


Pricing isn’t available online, but there is a free forever plan if you have fewer than 1,000 monthly sessions.

👋 Did you know? StoryChief also includes content analytics to give you deep insights into the success of your blog and social media. Try it out.

Tools for team collaboration

36. Monday.com


Monday.com is a popular project management tool for larger marketing teams. It offers workflow and resource availability planning to make it easier to know what everyone is up to.


For Pro features, you’ll pay $16 per seat per month, or you can purchase the Basic plan, which is $8 per seat per month. There’s also a free plan.

37. Asana


Asana is another popular team collaboration software for marketers. You can break tasks down into subtasks and assign the subtasks individually. This helps with campaign planning where multiple collaborators are involved.


Paid plans start at $10.99 per user per month, with advanced features costing $24.99 per user per month. Asana does offer a free plan.

38. ClickUp


Fast-growing startup ClickUp has lots of features other project management tools don’t, such as spreadsheets, docs, and calendars. You can toggle kanban boards back and forth into sheets and calendars to make it easier to get a bird’s eye view of current tasks.


You can start with the free plan, and then upgrade to $5 per user per month for more features, or $9 per user per month for Google SSO and other advanced features.

39. Basecamp


Basecamp is an easy-to-use platform for managing projects and remote collaboration. Top features include the message board, to-do lists, schedules, docs, and group chat.


For Basecamp Business, you’ll pay a flat rate of $99 per month, which covers unlimited projects and users. This makes Basecamp a steal for large teams, but not cost-effective for small ones.

40. Weet


Weet is an async communication tool that makes it easy to record videos of yourself and/or your screen and share those videos with colleagues. Weet also offers comments and notifications to make continued discussion easy. Plus, you can edit or rerecord your video, without having to send a new link.


Weet offers a free plan, while advanced recording and editing features start at $8 per user per month.

👋 Did you know? StoryChief is a content operations platform with briefs, assignments, approvals, and publishing features. Try it out.

Tools for managing virtual events and webinars

In today’s world, virtual events and webinars are more popular than ever. Even in countries with low Covid rates, virtual events persist because of their convenience. Here are some B2B marketing tools for running your online events.

41. Goldcast


Goldcast can be used to create virtual or hybrid events. It offers breakout rooms, custom branding, attendee engagement features, and robust event analytics to help you optimize your next event.


Subscription costs aren’t available online, so contact their sales team for information.

42. On24


With On24, you can manage interactive webinars and virtual conferences. The platform also offers event and engagement analytics to help you understand what your audience loves and what they don’t.


Subscription costs depend on which products you buy. You can use the platform for only webinars, only conferences, or both.

43. Bizzabo


Bizzabo can be used for live, virtual, and hybrid events. The platform offers virtual event features for video presentations and engagement, plus an attendee app for networking and meetups that can be used in live or virtual event settings.


Pricing isn’t available online, so get in touch for a custom quote.

44. Welcome


Welcome prides itself on offering a great user experience for event producers, speakers, and attendees. The platform can be used for all-hands meetings, virtual events, and hybrid events.


Contact their sales team for a quote.

Tools for cold email pitching

At small B2B companies, marketers might take on cold email, which would otherwise be a function of sales. Plus, marketers can use cold email tools for use cases other than generating leads, such as reaching out to potential affiliates, influencers, or sponsors. Here are some great B2B marketing tools for cold email campaigns.

45. Hunter


With Hunter, you can find email addresses for almost anyone you need to contact, just by typing in their domain name into the search bar.


You can get up to 25 searches per month for free, or pay $49 per month for 500 searches.

46. Lemlist


Lemlist is a popular cold email software because of its unique features, such as automated domain warm-up, scalable email personalization, and video capabilities. Whether you’re reaching out to leads or potential affiliates, this tool will help you stand out.


For email outreach, plans start at $59 per month. For just email warm-up, you’ll pay $29 per month.

47. Yesware


Yesware is a great fit for B2B marketers who send a small volume of cold emails, such as to potential influencers or affiliate partners. The app plugs into Gmail, so you can get email tracking and follow-up reminders without leaving your main inbox.


Yesware plans start at $15 per month.

Tools for digital PR

While traditional PR is typically not managed by marketers, digital PR often is because of the way that it impacts SEO. Here are the top digital PR tools for B2B marketers.

48. Postaga


Postaga helps you manage all sorts of backlink outreach campaigns, including guest blogging, podcast guesting, and broken link outreach. The platform offers features for research, list building, and outreach all in one.


The business plan is $99 per month, while the agency plan is $299 per month.

49. Podbooker


Podbooker is an awesome platform for connecting podcast guests with podcast hosts. Setup your profile as a subject matter expert and send pitches to hosts looking for guests.


10 pitches per month costs $19.99 and 30 pitches per month costs $29.99

50. BuzzStream


With BuzzStream, you can manage contact research, outreach, and follow-up. Use it to find link-building opportunities, bloggers, and influencers.


The starter plan is $24 per month, and allows you to manage 1000 contacts.

51. Prezly


More of a PR platform than a link-building platform, Prezly offers newsroom management, PR contact management, and campaign distribution. It’s a great fit for small marketing teams in charge of both marketing and PR.

For many B2B marketing teams, content is the center of everything. Content is what you promote with ads, social media, and outreach. If your content process isn’t optimized, your marketing results will suffer.

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