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75 Ad Headline Examples To Help You Convert

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Crafting compelling ad headlines that grab attention and drive conversions is an art. With just a few words, you need to communicate the core benefit of your offer, create curiosity, and motivate users to click.

In this post, I'll provide 75 headline examples from real-world ads that have proven to convert. These cover various industries, platforms, objectives and angles. Use them for inspiration or model your own headlines after ones relevant to your business.

What Is A Headline?

A headline is a group of words or a phrase that is designed to grab the attention of a reader and entice them to continue reading. Headlines are commonly used in advertising, journalism, and digital content.

They are typically short, clear, and to the point, and are intended to convey the main idea or benefit of the content that follows. A good headline should be attention-stealing, informative, and relevant to the target audience.

It should also be consistent with the tone and style of the content and the brand.

Overall, the headline is a crucial element of any piece of content, as it is often the first thing that a reader sees, it improves your conversion rate and can greatly impact their decision to continue reading or not.

List of ad headline examples

Here are 75 high-converting ad headline examples:

  1. Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?
  2. Tired of Being Overcharged? We Won't Rip You Off
  3. Imagine Owning Your Dream Home in the Perfect Neighborhood
  4. Give Your Kids an Edge with Our Tutoring Services
  5. "This App Changed My Life" – Emma S.
  6. Get 1 Month Free with Annual Subscription
  7. 9/10 Customers Recommend Our Services
  8. Voted #1 Moving Company in NYC
  9. Is Your Website Losing You Business? Let Us Help
  10. Get a Free Audit of Your Credit Report
  11. Watch Demo Video – No Signup Required
  12. Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage in Minutes
  13. See How Our Software Can Transform Your Business
  14. Tired of Cable Bills? Switch to Streaming & Save
  15. Limited Time Only: 70% Off This Weekend
  16. Become an Expert in Excel with Our Video Course
  17. Thinking of Selling Your Home? Get a Cash Offer in 24 Hours
  18. Ready to Invest in Real Estate? Let Us Guide You
  19. New Parents: Claim Your Free Baby Welcome Box
  20. See How Much You Could Save by Bundling Home & Auto
  21. Thinking of Buying a New Car? Get Pre-Approved First
  22. Want to Save $500 a Month? Here's How It's Possible
  23. Is College Worth the Cost? Get the Facts First
  24. Tired of Being Overweight? We Can Help You Lose It
  25. Imagine a Brighter Smile: Get a Free Consultation
  26. Get the Lawn of Your Dreams with Our Care Plans
  27. Become an Influencer: Sign Up for a Workshop Today
  28. Want More Followers? Let Us Audit Your Instagram
  29. [City] – New Store Opening Sale This Weekend Only
  30. Best Rates in [Your Area] – Get a Custom Quote
  31. Ready to Invest in Crypto? Open an Account in Minutes
  32. Thinking of Starting a Business? Attend a Free Webinar
  33. Want to Work Remotely? See 10 Open Jobs You Can Do From Home
  34. See How to Get Out of Debt with Our 5-Step Blueprint
  35. Bored With Your Wardrobe? Try Our Subscription Box Risk-Free
  36. Get Beach Body Ready with Our 30-Day Challenge
  37. Want More Website Traffic? Sign Up for a Free SEO Audit
  38. Tired of Cable Bills? Compare Internet-Only Plans
  39. Limited Time: 50% Off Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight
  40. Thinking of Moving? Get a Free Relocation Quote
  41. Want to Save Time on Laundry? Try Our Pickup & Delivery Service
  42. Looking to Invest in Stocks? Open a Brokerage Account Today
  43. See How to Double Your Productivity Working From Home
  44. Want to Learn Piano? Start Your Free First Lesson Now
  45. Thinking of Starting a Podcast? Attend Our Free Workshop
  46. Want More Sales? Get a Free Marketing Plan Consultation
  47. Looking for Easy Healthy Meals? Get $20 Off Your First Order
  48. Bought a New Phone? Get Accessories 50% Off This Weekend
  49. Want to Grow on YouTube? Sign Up for a Channel Audit
  50. Thinking of Starting an Ecommerce Site? Attend a Free Webinar
  51. Limited Time Only: Free Braces Consultation
  52. Want to Save on Prescriptions? Get a Free Discount Card
  53. Looking for Senior Care Options? Get a Free Assessment
  54. Want to Retire Early? Download Our Free Guide
  55. Need to Relax? Book a Massage & Save $20
  56. Want to Learn Spanish Fast? Try Our App Risk-Free
  57. Looking for Easy Weeknight Meals? Get $30 Off First Order
  58. Thinking of Buying a Used Car? Search Inventory Now
  59. Bought a New Home? Get a Free Moving Truck Rental
  60. Want More Instagram Followers? Sign Up for a Growth Workshop
  61. Thinking of Starting an Online Coaching Business? Sign Up for a Free Masterclass
  62. Looking to Invest in Real Estate? Get a Free Guide to Rental Property Investing
  63. Want to Learn How to Code? Start with Our Beginner Bootcamp
  64. Need a New Mattress? Get One Delivered & Try Risk-Free for 100 Nights
  65. Want a Green Lawn? Get a Custom Care Plan for Your Yard
  66. Thinking of Starting a Podcast? Sign Up & Get a Free Month of Hosting
  67. Looking for Easy, Healthy Meals? Get $50 Off Your First Order
  68. Bought a New 4K TV? Get Cables & Mounting 50% Off This Weekend
  69. Tired of YouTube Ads? Go Ad-Free with Premium for Just $1
  70. Need Help with Math Homework? Get Your First Online Tutor Session Free
  71. Ready to Lose Weight? Sign Up & Get Your First Consult Free
  72. Want to Save on Pet Medications? Get a Free Rx Discount Card
  73. Looking for Assisted Living Options? Get a Free Placement Consult
  74. Ready to Retire Soon? Download Our Free Pre-Retirement Guide
  75. Stressed at Work? Book a Relaxing Massage & Save $30

We made this list so you can copy-and paste it directly into our AI blog writer to create ad headlines quickly. But if you don’t have StoryChief yet (you should), then you can copy and paste these as a ChatGPT prompt.

The most important thing is testing different headlines and seeing which ones resonate most with your target audience. Do some conversion tracking, optimize your landing page and give it a try!

But if this is not enough, and you want to do some manual writing (or learn how to do content writing), here is a more detailed list of ad headlines.

20 Types of Ad Headlines Every Marketer Should Know

Crafting a compelling ad headline is an art and a science. With just a few words, you need to capture attention, communicate key benefits, and motivate users to click through. Mastering headline writing takes skill and testing, but understanding headline types and formulas is a good starting point.

I’ll cover 20 of the most effective, high-converting ad headline formulas and plenty of examples and tips to implement them.

1. Direct Ad Headlines

Direct headlines clearly state the purpose of the ad or key offer upfront. They summarize the core benefit or product in a concise, often single-sentence headline.

Ad headline examples:

  • Get 1 Month Free
  • Download Our App
  • 40% Off This Weekend Only

Direct headlines work well when you want to get right to the point. They excel at conveying concrete offers and discounts. Just be sure to highlight the most compelling or time-sensitive element of your deal.

Tips for writing effective direct headlines:

  • Lead with the main incentive, deal or product
  • Keep it short, clear and scannable
  • Add urgency or time limitations if applicable

2. Indirect Ad Headlines

Unlike direct headlines, indirect headlines take a more subtle approach. Rather than stating the main offer or benefit upfront, they hint at or imply key selling points with air of mystery.

Ad headline examples:

  • What Savvy Investors Will Be Buying in 2023
  • The Productivity System The World’s Top CEOs Rely On
  • Access Granted: Uncover the Secrets to 6-Figures

Indirect headlines help pique curiosity by withholding some information. They tend to perform well when the product or offer might seem outside the mainstream. The cliffhanger format compels readers to click-through to satisfy their curiosity and find out more.

Tips for writing indirect headlines:

  • Ask an intriguing question or present a fascinating mystery
  • Leverage FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Avoid being overly vague or exaggerative

3. Pain Point Ad Headlines

Pain point headlines call out potential problems, frustrations or unmet needs of your target audience. They promise a solution while showcasing empathy for customer challenges.

Ad headline examples:

  • Tired of Cable Bills Over $200 a Month?
  • Who Has Time to Grocery Shop Anymore?
  • Suffering from Low Back Discomfort?

This formula works well if your product or service addresses common frustrations. It frames the offering as an antidote people have been waiting for. Be sure to demonstrate you understand and relate to customer pain points before presenting your remedy.

Tips for writing pain point headlines:

  • Identify top frustrations of your audience
  • Mirror specific language prospects use to describe issues
  • Position your business as the hero who can help

4. Announcement Ad Headlines

As the name suggests, these headlines call attention to a new product launch, website feature, company milestone, industry award or other major announcement.

Ad headline examples:

  • At Last: Introducing the World’s First Self-Cleaning Window
  • We Now Offer Same-Day Local Delivery – Just Click to Try It
  • Voted #1 Customer Service by Consumer Reports

This style allows you to build hype and excitement around the “newness” of an offering or achievement. It works well for companies releasing innovative products or hitting meaningful milestones like anniversaries.

Tips for writing announcement headlines:

  • Make it clear this is brand new or groundbreaking
  • Add credibility indicators like awards or expert endorsements
  • Keep it short enough to stand out

5. How-To Ad Headlines

How-to headlines promise to teach readers a new tactic, skill or solution to a relevant problem. They often include “how to” phrasing.

Ad headline examples:

  • How to Triple Your Website Traffic in Under 3 Months
  • Train Your Dog to Stop Barking in Just 6 Easy Steps
  • Slash Your Energy Bill with 9 Sneaky Hacks

This formula presents your business as an expert guide ready to impart specialized knowledge. It works well for content offers, courses or coaching services. Be sure to make the headline benefit-focused and beginner-friendly.

Tips for writing how-to headlines:

  • Promise measurable results
  • Keep it simple and accessible
  • Leverage odd numbers like 3, 5 or 7 for steps/hacks

6. Question Ad Headlines

Question headlines turn the tables by asking readers something unexpected or intriguing to capture their interest.

Ad headline examples:

  • Is This Little-Known Loophole Saving People 50% on Flights?
  • What if You Could Own Property for Just $500 Down?
  • Are You Missing Out on $137,000 in Forgotten Money?

Asking smart questions in your headlines prompts visitors to seek answers. This style helps position your business as one holding exclusive intel others may be oblivious to.

Tips for writing question headlines:

  • Present an unusual but specific scenario
  • Implied high-value answers await those who click
  • Ensure you deliver on headline promise

7. Command Ad Headlines

Command headlines stand out by directly instructing readers to take a specific action. They tend to begin with imperative verbs like “get”, “see”, “stop”, etc.

Ad headline examples:

  • Stop Wasting Money - Switch and Save 50%
  • Get a Free Credit Report and Score Instantly
  • See Why 3,452 Users Gave Us 5 Stars

This format leaves no room for ambiguity. It clearly tells people what you want them to do, whether it’s availing a special offer, watching a demo video or anything else beneficial. The direct nature gives them an immediate action step.

Tips for writing command headlines:

  • Lead with strong, authoritative verbs
  • Maintain a constructive, helpful tone
  • Ensure requested actions are quick and valuable

8. Reasons Why Ad Headlines

Reasons why or reasons-based headlines highlight the specific benefits readers will gain from clicking. Often presented as numbered lists.

Ad headline examples:

  • 3 Reasons to Get a Dash Cam
  • 5 Ways We Can Lower Your Monthly Bills
  • 7 Advantages of Upgrading to Our App

This formula works by showcasing the most compelling “whys” behind an offer or product. Reason-focused headlines perform well because they address the critical question on everyone’s minds - what’s in it for me?

Tips for writing reasons why headlines:

  • Limit to 3-7 reasons for scannability
  • Lead with the most powerful or unique benefit
  • Support claims with credible proof points

9. Emotional Ad Headlines

Emotional headlines aim straight for the heartstrings. They appeal to strong motivators like frustration, nostalgia, pride, trust or anticipation.

Ad headline examples:

  • Don’t Let Another Year Pass You By
  • We Understand the True Meaning of Service
  • Imagine Endless Adventures Right Here at Home

While some headlines focus on logic, emotional ones target feelings. They often work by painting a story showcasing how your product or service empowers self-improvement.

Tips for writing emotional headlines:

  • Identify your audience’s core desires and motivations
  • Align messaging with those aspirations
  • Avoid anything overly promotional or fake-sounding

10. Wordplay Ad Headlines

Wordplay headlines utilize clever puns, rhymes or ironic twists on common phrases to be simultaneously thought-provoking and entertaining.

Ad headline examples:

  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (Debt Consolidation Services)
  • You’ve Got Ale (Craft Beer Company)
  • We’re Not Exhausted, We’re Exhaust Experts (Mechanic)

This style allows you to showcase some personality while still communicating a benefit. Wordplay tends to work best for less-serious or corporate brands. The humor and wit serve both to amuse and educate.

Tips for writing wordplay headlines:

  • Ensure the headline still conveys useful meaning
  • Avoid anything potentially confusing or offensive
  • Be original - common phrases get old fast

11. Brand Name Ad Headlines

These headlines incorporate the company or product brand name as a centerpiece of the messaging.

Ad headline examples:

  • Why Millions Choose Casper Mattresses
  • IBM Powers Global Innovation
  • Shop Target’s Biggest Sale of the Year

Brand-focused headlines help strengthen name recognition and affinity. They remind readers of the trust or emotion associated with companies they already know and admire. This approach works well for prominent or evocative brands.

Tips for writing brand name headlines:

  • Only highlight well-known, reputable companies
  • Context around brand still needed to convey benefit
  • Allows pairing both company and offer

12. “Best” Ad Headlines

These headlines cut through the noise by boldly proclaiming your product, service or organization the absolute best, #1 or most award-winning option out there.

Ad headline examples:

  • The #1 Rated Antivirus Software
  • Voted Best Place to Work in Texas
  • America’s Top Customer Service

This formula allows you to leverage social proof and convey industry leadership. However, such lofty claims also set high expectations so should not be made lightly. Back headlines up with credible data like verified reviews, comparison testing or credible awards.

Tips for writing “best” headlines:

  • Ensure superlatives are supported by concrete proof
  • Specify location/category for relevance
  • Avoid vague claims that can’t be substantiated

13. Two-Part Ad Headlines

Two-part headlines utilize punctuation like parentheses, em dashes or colons to combine two complementary ideas into a single headline.

Ad headline examples:

  • It’s Here: The Future of Smart Watches
  • Think Fast Results, Not Fast Food (Meal Delivery)
  • Get Next-Level Productivity: Time-Tested Tactics

Dual-pronged headlines help communicate more complex value propositions or contrast competing concepts. This allows you to showcase both product capabilities and consumer benefits in a concise, scannable manner.

Tips for writing two-part headlines:

  • Ensure both parts work together to support one coherent thought
  • Use a colon to denote cause and effect or list and example
  • Use em dashes or parentheses to separate independent clauses

14. Relational Ad Headlines

Relational headlines speak directly to readers using second-person pronouns like “you”, “your” or “we” to help them feel a personal connection.

Ad headline examples:

  • Here’s How We Help You Double Sales
  • Do You Know Your Home’s True Value?
  • Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Adding inclusive language helps strengthen engagement and relevance by making it clear the message relates specifically to the reader. This technique helps guide prospects and reminds them that you aim to understand and serve them.

Tips for writing relational headlines:

  • Only use if the content truly revolves around reader needs
  • Share experiences from their point of view when possible
  • Remain conversational and supportive

15. Location-Specific Ad Headlines

Location or region-focused headlines target readers in particular geographic areas. They often reference cities, states or neighborhoods.

Ad headline examples:

Niching down headlines helps resonate more with readers when your products or services cater primarily to local markets. Calling out places close to home helps show you understand and provide for their community.

Tips for writing location-specific headlines:

  • Cities with over 500k population typically work best
  • Can combine locations and niche topics
  • Ensure content delivers on promised local relevance

16. Numeric Ad Headlines

Numeric headlines incorporate specific numbers, stats or sums to hint at measurable takeaways readers can expect from your content.

Ad headline examples:

  • Learn How to Save $6,538 a Year (Guide)
  • The 20 Best Burgers in America
  • 7 Pro Tips for Selling on Etsy

Quantifying value helps make headlines more concrete. Specific figures also tend to stick in reader memory better. This helps content seem more authoritative, showcasing real ROI for customers.

Tips for writing numeric headlines:

  • Numbers related to money/time savings work well
  • Big, round numbers stand out most
  • Odd numbers between 3-15 feel most digestible

17. Testimonial Ad Headlines

Testimonial or quotes headlines pull a positive soundbite from a current customer review to instantly establish credibility.

Ad headline examples:

  • “This Yoga Video Transformed My Practice” – Alyssa S.
  • “Can’t Miss This Once-in-a-Lifetime Deal” – Ryan P.
  • “The Most Fun I’ve Had in Ages” – Emma R.

Leveraging specific praise or feedback directly from past purchasers helps new visitors take notice. It provides third-party social proof and serves as an authentic endorsement.

Tips for writing testimonial headlines:

  • Keep quotes concise yet vivid
  • Only use recognizable first names
  • Ensure rest of content aligns with headline sentiment

18. Alternative Ad Headlines

Alternative or “vs” headlines compare your product or service directly against competitors or substitutes. Often naming the other offering specifically.

Ad headline examples:

  • Venmo vs. PayPal: Which Should You Choose?
  • Forget Peloton - Here’s a Cheaper Exercise Bike Option
  • Ditch Chrome: The Privacy Browser You Need in 2023

This style positions your business as a superior replacement readers may not yet realize. It tends to perform well when you provide a clear, apples-to-apples contrast showcasing why you’re a better pick.

Tips for writing alternative headlines:

  • Namedrop recognizable competitor brands
  • Keep it concise and scannable
  • Focus on unique strengths or cost savings

19. “Do This Now” Ad Headlines

These action-oriented headlines create urgency by emphatically telling readers to do something immediately. Often paired with time sensitivity.

Ad headline examples:

  • Ends Tonight - Act Now and Save 50%
  • Last Chance: Enroll Today and Get First Month Free
  • Click Here to Lock-in Lowest Price Guarantee

This style helps light a fire under readers by presenting limited-time offers or scarcity scenarios. It spells out directly what you want visitors to do, while also instilling FOMO.

Tips for writing “Do This Now” headlines:

  • Make instructions clear and specific
  • Keep deadline tight but realistic
  • Ensure you highlight key discount or incentive

20. Clickbait Ad Headlines

Clickbait headlines deliberately over-hype or sensationalize content to bait clicks from readers. They often ask shocking questions or tease unbelievable secrets.

Ad headline examples:

  • She Was Shaking in Her Boots When The Policeman Told Her This
  • You Won’t Believe What This Celebrity Looks Like Now
  • The Real Reason Chick-Fil-A Employees Are So Dang Happy

While these outrageous headlines may attract eyeballs, they tend to disappoint readers and lose trust. It’s best to avoid deception and exaggeration, which can hurt long-term credibility.

Tips for writing non-clickbait headlines:

  • Be truthful and deliver what you promise
  • Focus on actual uniqueness
  • No need to embellish or sensationalize

The Power of Testing Headlines

With so many types of ad headlines, how do you know which one will connect most with your audience? Testing.

There’s no one universally perfect formula. The best headlines match customer needs, showcase relevance, and speak in their language. While the above categories and samples can serve as a menu of proven options to select from, optimizing headlines requires continually trying out new variations and seeing which ones perform best.

Tools like Poll the People allow you to A/B test multiple headlines with target users to gain first-hand feedback on what resonates. You can tweak copy, incorporate different styles, and keep iterating until you discover winning versions that generate the highest click-through rates.

Remember - compelling headlines are the first step to turning ad viewers into engaged customers. Master the art of writing effective ones and you’ll be well on your way to improving your conversion rate.


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