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40 Tools for B2B Marketing Teams StoryChief Can Replace

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Once upon a time in the world of SaaS, the phrase “all in one” became overrated. While it’s not the cutest phrase, that doesn’t mean that comprehensive tools can’t offer immense value for B2B marketing teams.

The thing to pay attention to is this...should the content marketing platform replace dozens of tools?

When it comes to content marketing, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Because content marketers need to use a variety of channels to reach their audiences, their work gets spread all over the place.

Using different Google Docs, Kanban boards, spreadsheets, social media apps, etc., gets exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice to orchestrate all of this in one place, so you don’t have to feel like an octopus?

The following StoryChief features replace dozens of tools combined and help you release higher quality content faster. Let’s take a look.

Table of contents:

Content creation tools for B2B marketing teams

These tools help you assign and craft compelling content. Here are all of the things StoryChief can do and the related tools it can replace.

Blog drafts

Content creation tools for B2B marketing teams

With StoryChief, you can draft your blog posts in a beautiful interface. No kidding, StoryChief is smooth. You can write standard text and image-only blog posts or use blog posts to promote your recent podcast interviews and YouTube videos.

Replaces: Google Docs or Word Docs

Blog briefs

writer briefs and assignments

Creative briefs are essential for marketing teams. While you may need complex briefing software for making a video ad, this sort of tool isn’t necessary for writing a blog. When you offer writers a brief that lives alongside the writing software, you increase the chances of that brief getting followed.

Writers can open and close the brief whenever they want, like this:

Replaces: Simple, CoSchedule, Jira, Google Docs

Writer assigning

content assign tools for B2B marketing

Message any user in your account to share a blog draft with them. You can ask someone to pop-in for one paragraph or take over the entire piece.

Replaces: Slack, Gmail, Jira, Trello

Content review and collaboration


Great content requires collaboration. Use the public share link to share your in-progress story with clients, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders. Or share with your content manager to ask for a final review.

Oh, and of course you can leave each other comments too.

tools for B2B marketing: content review and collabolation

Replaces: Google Docs, Gmail

Version history

content version history

Version history is so important when you’re collaborating with others. Maybe you love the edits they’ve provided...or perhaps you feel they removed something important. Retrieve your lost content as needed.

Replaces: Google Docs, Word Docs

SEO optimization and reader experience tools for B2B marketing teams

SEO is essential, and readability and reader experience are a huge part of it. That’s why you need tools that help you deliver the best possible experience to readers while optimizing your content for your target keyphrase.

SEO content optimization

SEO content optimization tools for B2B marketing

To rank for SEO, you need to not only include the right keyphrase in your title and meta description, but you need to use it appropriately in your content as well. Even experienced SEO copywriters can forget the nitty-gritty details. Luckily, StoryChief’s content optimizer not only shows you what to fix but also points where the issues are located.

Replaces: Yoast, Surfer, MarketMuse, Clearscope, Rank Math

Readability optimization

Readability optimization tools for B2B marketing

Readability is essential. It matters to your audience, your brand reputation, and Google too. You want paragraphs and sentences that aren’t too long, subheadings distributed evenly, and sentence-style variation. Use our readability optimizer to show precisely where your problem spots lie.

Replaces: Hemmingway App, Readable

Table of contents

table of contents

Creating a table of contents that links to internal subheadings in your blog can help more advanced audience members skip past the beginner sections and dive straight into the content they want.

Without StoryChief, you’ll likely have to code this yourself, which is time-consuming. But with StoryChief, it’s as easy as writing any other sort of link.

Replaces: SubHeading WordPress Plugin, manual HTML coding

Content publishing and distribution tools for B2B marketing teams

Content distribution can be tricky. To simplify it, you need one tool that includes content approval, publishing, and updating.

Content approval

Content approval tools for B2B marketing

When your content manager is ready finalizing edits and adding any extra images, they can publish the story to your selected channels.

Replaces: Gmail, Slack, CoSchedule, manual WordPress work

Website publishing

StoryChief integrates with all significant CMSs as well as Zapier so you can publish your content straight to your website.

Do you know what this means? No need to re-enter text, links, or alt text for images. Total life-saver.

Replaces: Google Docs, Google Docs to WordPress Plugins, manual WordPress publishing, manual Webflow publishing, etc.

Google-safe multichannel publishing

Multichannel publishing tools for B2B marketing

Duplicate content is a real bummer, and Google will punish you if you commit this crime. With StoryChief, you can safely publish to syndicated channels by automatically using canonicalization to tell Google which is the original and allowed redistribution (no plagiarism).

Replaces: Canonicalization tools, manual LinkedIn publishing, manual Webflow publishing, etc.

Content calendar

A content calendar helps you plan upcoming content ideas and get a bird's eye view of what you're publishing on all key channels.

The problem is that most content calendars don't actually do much. They are static pieces of information, not activity hubs. With StoryChief, your content calendar doesn't just track publishing, and it handles publishing.

Replaces: Google Calendar, Trello, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, CoSchedule, Airtable, ClickUp, Monday.com

Content maintenance

content maintenance tools for B2B marketing

Which blogs should you improve? Why not start with the ones who have a low SEO score? You could also try to find which ones have a low number of views and work on SEO revisions for those too.

If you’ve fallen behind on publishing content and reviewing writers’ work, you can also sort stories by “drafts” or “pending approval.” And by checking your “scheduled” content, you can see which posts might need additional social media content written to promote them for months into the future.

Replaces: Simple Blog Stats, Yoast

Multichannel content updates

multichannel content updates

Publishing your content to multiple channels lets you meet readers where they're at. As previously mentioned, StoryChief uses canonicalization to show Google which piece is the original (typically your main blog), so Google knows this isn't plagiarized duplicate content.

But there's more to this story. StoryChief also helps you update this content from one central place. When you update the content in StoryChief, it will automatically change it in your CMS, Medium profile, William blog, and other destinations.

Replaces: Manual work in WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

Content promotion tools for B2B marketing teams

Now it’s time to promote your content and track the results. There are so many content promotion channels to take advantage of, including employee advocacy, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Employee advocacy

employee advocacy tools for B2B marketing

In today’s world, employee advocacy is critical. People would rather hear from people, not faceless brands. With StoryChief, you can email your team whenever a new blog post comes out. You can also send that post to a Slack channel for employee advocacy, so employees know when something is ready to be shared.

Replaces: PostBeyond, Smarp, Connecteam

Social media scheduling

Social media promotion gives your content the best chance to reach its target audience and spread beyond your sphere of brand awareness. With StoryChief, you can create multiple post sets (different concepts, quotes, etc.) and then tailor them for each network.

Replaces: Hootsuite and Buffer

Evergreen content promotion

While publishing your content right when it goes live is smart, continuing to publish it is even smarter. Of course, you'll want to be sure you're only promoting content on social media that is still relevant and valuable. Many blog posts can continue to be published for months or even years.

After a year or so, you'll want to update the content to make it timely, but no worries, StoryChief makes it easy to update multichannel content from one place (more on that later).

Replaces: SocialBee, SmarterQueue, Revive Old Posts

Email newsletter content promotion

Add your blog content to your weekly newsletter, or send out your very best posts at the end of every month. Select which ones should make the cut with the click of a button, and your email marketing work just got a whole lot simpler.

Replaces: MissingLettr, CoSchedule

Outreach to influencers and bloggers

Tell your content ambassadors about your new content. You can email press contacts, friends at other brands and companies, bloggers, and other influencers.

Replaces: Manual Gmail work

Content analytics

content analytics

Want to know which posts are performing the best? Just sort by views to find out which ones are getting the most traction. That can help you understand which posts to replicate with new content and what content to update and promote continually.

You can also see the impact of your entire content marketing strategy for any period of time:

Replaces: Analytify, Jetpack, MonsterInsights, Simple Blog Stats

All-in-one software that helps you track business expenses and edit Pinterest graphics would be a terrible idea. But a tool that lets you manage content marketing sanely? That's a game-changer.

Use the content operations software that replaces dozens of tools and helps you grow your audience and gain more leads. Try StoryChief.

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